Friday, August 10, 2007

Kuen Wushu Superstar Trainers

Sigh... Ended another programme at Greenwood Primary last week. Last lesson liao, quite sad actually. Will miss these super enthusiastic children, we machiam superstars when they all came rushing forward and overwhelmed us with their hugs and handshakes. We received thank you cards and letters scribbling words describing which trainer they loved the most and why they loved their Wushu lessons. Happy to have brought our fun and engaging Wushu programme to yet another few hundred happy students of Greenwood Primary.

Take a look at these priceless photos:


Thursday, August 2, 2007

School workshop, SSC briefing & Sports Silat

Lately a question that pops up often in my head - "How to be at two places at one time?"

Well, you can't.

So when such instances present themselves, I weigh the consequences, prioritize, pick one, and pray the rest goes smoothly.

Wednesday - another mid week post. Phew...
Needed to conduct a teachers workshop at Dazhong Primary and be at TPY sports hall to attend the sports council SEP 2008 briefing. Well, the choice was pretty obvious between the two, I wouldn't sleep well at the SEP briefing knowing that I could have been at Dazhong conducting a great workshop for the teachers. Grin.

Of course I did send a rep in my stead and rushed over to the briefing after the workshop. I was late for an hour and a half and I was told I didn't miss much, everything I needed to know was in a piece of paper in the SEP folder. (Why am I not surprised?) At least the trip (and the carpark fees) wasn't for nothing, I met with Imran, he runs his own Sports Silat Academy. Brought him back to KUEN Wushu to show him around and discussed about possible collaborations between our companies. He's a nice guy. :) I've given my word to help him with the training facility for his Silat lesson on one of the nights we don't have classes.

For more information on the SEP -
SSC Sports Education Programme Portal

In short it is a nation-wide funding programme available to all MOE schools to promote sports and increase sports participation.
KUEN Wushu Programmes have been endorsed under the SEP since the scheme started in 2006.