Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kuen Wushu & Beijing Wushu Team 2010 Performance

First time in Singapore!

World renowned Beijing Wushu Team & S'pore's No. 1 Kuen Wushu presents


Get your tickets from SISTIC today.

Starring Wushu Champions from Beijing Wushu Team & Kuen Wushu Academy

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Video Update "One Heart One Kuen"

Hi all.

Finally found the time to upload another video from the Kuen Wushu Mid-year performance earlier this year at the NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre.

This item aptly titled "One Heart One Kuen" is choreographed by Chief Trainer Di Guangwen himself. Talents include students from Kuen Advanced class and Kuen Wushu's Performance Troupe. The video resolution has been intentionally brought down for faster uploading to youtube's servers. Inside you will see familiar faces of your favourite Kuen Wushu trainers and affiliated trainers.


PS: Keep a look out on this blog for the latest news update on a whole *NEW* Kuen Wushu Production coming Feb 2010. Titled "CHAMPION" featuring the best from Kuen Wushu Academy and the World Renowned BEIJING WUSHU TEAM!  


Friday, November 27, 2009

New server. YMCA camp in Dec.

Server migration completed this morning. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Kaw, our behind-the-scenes webmaster. 
The website loads *much* faster now, should have done it a long time ago. Now all thats left is a site design revamp... Time to put all those nice nice photos to good use.

Will do an announcement since I'm here.

No lessons from 10 - 13 Dec. 

Training hall is used to host the annual SHINES YMCA camp. Lessons will be postponed to next week.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Website downtime alert

Hey all.
Doing some maintenance work at the Kuen Wushu website so it'll be down for a while. 
Changing web hosting, should only take a day or two.
Emails will be down too so if you wanna reach someone, call the office phone number
6296 8979.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

APEC 2009 @ Esplanade

APEC 2009 Singapore has drawn to a close and Kuen Wushu is proud to have played a part (albeit a small teensy bitsy one) in its success. (There... I've gotten the self-plug in...LOL) We were the only Wushu school to take part in the "Singapore Evening" show, specially put together by our nation's bests (Dick Lee helming as Director, lotsa stars and big names in the music and entertainment industry), for all the delegates and world economic leaders from ard the globe. Its not every day, or every year for that matter, that you get to play host and show off to half the world's richest and most powerful men and women.

The "Singapore Evening" song-and-dance item was a success as expected but it almost didn't as one of our trainers had a rather bad case of food-poisoning and messed up the 2nd segment during the final rehearsal on Friday night. In the end everybody pulled through and executed their parts with nary a glitch. Kudos to CJ, YP, WF, LJ & GZF!

Lotsa activities going on everywhere. With the entire Esplanade venue in lockdown and streets ard Marina Square blocked for the better part of the day, to say that security was good would be an understatement. As the Dean puts it delicately while he hands me the security badge for the day. "Even flies need badges to go through...".

Spent most of yesterday at The Esplanade waiting for the show to start in the evening. After setting off from Kuen Wushu ard 1.30pm, we made our way to Marina Square (A big thank-you to the parents for the ride!). Took us nearly an hour to make it thru the security scanners set up at the floating platform. They really did a thorough job making us queue up to go through those airport metal detector gates and putting our bags through the X-ray machines.

Went through a couple of rehearsals in which the Kuen Kids from our intermediate classes were involved before we proceeded to the rest area for rest and food. The kids had a ball of a time, chit-chatting non-stop for most of the day in-between practices for their items. I supposed it was a fun thing to do and a good experience to be part of some grand event. I certainly remember my own experiences of taking part in competitions, of Wushu camps and performances and certainly the Chingay Parade. Dear parents, thanks again for your consent and support for the trainers. Your children are in good hands. :) 

Here are some rather badly taken photos I took with my handphone. Heh.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

September October updates

Hey all.

Its been a long stretch of silence on this blog. Yawn... Haven't been able to think of anything worth blogging so I'm gonna start typing in random and see if we get anywhere. Lets see... Hmm... updates:

- The usual school stuff. Lessons and programmes.
Can't remember anything worth blogging in September. Booooriiing...

- Coach Wang Liang got married earlier this month. Congratulations! I think someone's got photos of the wedding dinner. Again...will try to upload with his permission.
- Rehearsals under way at Kuen for APEC performance. Lotsa activity last Sat, Lion/Dragon Dance/Wushu rehearsing, all under the Dean's charge. Think Obama's gonna be there... Woah...
- Zhipeng laoshi and Di Jiaolian back from their leave. Chief Trainer Di came back with news of another Kuen Wushu performance early next year. Venue and dates not confirmed yet.
- Been scouting around for alternative training sites. Might be shifting come year end when lease over.
- Me going reservist this week. Am already dreading the 2.4k run... *puke*

Monday, August 31, 2009

August updates

Gonna do a quick update for August...hmm... Darn... goldfish memory...

- Did a couple of school performances to promote Wushu at Eastview & Yishun Town.

- Started a new school CCA at Yishun JC.
- Gonna start a couple of new programmes here and there... will update once confirmed.
- Re-organized and re-decorated office. Added new work desks and new photos to wall.
- Conducted the annual ACES day mass workout for Greenwood
- Printed new Chinese flyers. Very nice design!
- Completed another self-defence programme for Cedar Girls. Very well-received by the girls and teachers. Quote: “Useful and essential…”

Hope they’ll never need to use it. But if they do… I hope they remember what was taught that day and get away safely. Every teenage girl should know how to do this. HODs and Ps, if you’re reading this, get this for your girls OK… no kidding. Heh…

"Hee hee... that tickles..."

This arm goes here... Your arm goes there...

"Ok, you've got "him" in your choke hold. Now SQUEEZE!"

Friday, July 31, 2009

July Updates

Phew...made the last day of July to log in an entry.

Sorrie ah... been slow to update the blog. Maybe will switch to micro-blogging soon so won't have as much pressure writing stuff that's on my mind.

A couple of notable happenings in July... hmm... lemme think.

- School started. Yeah.
- H1N1 notice of temporary suspension of Wushu programmes in schools. Boohoo.
- Then stuff started returning to "normal". Wushu programmes back on.
- Organized a Parent-Trainer meeting for Kuen Intermediate Classes. It was "Useful & Informative", quoted from parent.
- Planning 2nd "PTM" for Kuen Beginner classes. Coming soon...
- Chief Trainer Di. promoted a few students to Kuen Advanced class. Congrats!
- Started NEW Young Adults class on Thursday nights. Kudos to Zhipeng Laoshi! (Jiayou NUS guys/gals! Train hard, but don't forget to have fun!)
- A couple of Birthday shoutouts to the Dean, Mr. Picasso Tan, Liu Juan Laoshi, and Chief Trainer Di.
- Just came back from a "Fishing and Pulau Hantu Expedition" on Wednesday with all the Kuen Trainers & Staff on board. SUPER FUN!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Post Event Update for One Heart One Kuen

Its over! Yeah! And YES, ITS A SUCCESS!

Once again, thank you all for supporting "One Heart, One Kuen". Thanks to all the parent helpers, student performers, stage crew, planning committee and of course the executing committee, for their hard work and tireless contributions!

*Deep Bow*

Everybody at Kuen has been on semi load and operating frequency post event. After a crazy 5 weeks of planning and preparations, it is a huge relief. It was a logistical nightmare to coordinate (8 different locations to come down for rehearsals) and bluddy expensive to put together. All those weeks of planning, execution and practice culminated in a night that would not soon be forgotten. If by some huge stroke of misfortune you weren't able to get tickets or make it to the venue for the performance on the 31st May at the NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre, here are some clips I've uploaded that were screened on the day.

Trailer for "One Heart, One Kuen"

The Amphetamized Kuen Trainers Introduction

Interviews for "One Heart, One Kuen"

Here's a nice read on the VS blog (Victoria School) covering the event. There's a clip of the boys entertaining themselves doing silly things like making a "blair-witch + dawn of the dead" video clip in a huge pile of Goodie Bags. Add in some music, singing and tap-dancing, and Voila! We have another mega-hit production in the making. Lets call it ...
Dawn of the High School Zombie Musical - Death by Goodie Bag.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Heart, One Kuen

*Update: All tickets SOLD OUT! YEAH!!! Thank you everyone for your support! See you at NAFA this Sunday!

Rehearsals are underway. First full dress rehearsal this coming Sunday.
Everybody's excited, albeit a little tired from the practices.
Just saw the printed posters and tickets. Looks good. Take a look.

Ticket sales have commenced this week. School students will be able to get tickets at a subsidized rate, courtesy of NAC-Keppel Nights. (Conditions apply)
Call 6296 8979 or drop us a note via the Contact Form for more ticketing details.

*Inside joke # 1: Chinese name for the performance sounds like something from TV Charity event right? Machiam President's Star Charity or something... lol.

The whole idea of this mid-year performance was to showcase the skills of all the students from within the KUEN network, while at the same time, provide an ideal platform for our Kuen trainers to show their professionalism, be it in performance or choreography.
Thus the name - One Heart, One Kuen.

Let us all pull our hearts and minds together and put up a show everyone will remember!

A big Thank you goes out to all students, parents, trainers, friends, family...and readers, for your support in this event. One Heart, One Kuen.

(inside joke #2: One Heart, One Kuen. One World, One Dream...
ROFLMAO....Sijin made it up... Muhahaha....)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Congratulations Interschool '09 Winners!

I've been meaning to put this up. Here is the list of students at Kuen who've done exceptionally well at the Interschool Wushu Championships 2009.

Big Gigantic GARGANTUAN Kudos to all! Well done!

"MmMmm... Strong is the Force in, our young Padawans."

- Master Yoda-chin

Lin Zi Jian
Junior Boys 3 Duan Gun Shu
Kuen Wushu

Junior Boys 5 Duan Chang Quan

Lim Si Hao
Junior Boys 24 Style Taiji Quan
Telok Kurau Primary
Tay Yi Xuan Ellie
Junior Girls 24 Style Taiji Quan
Telok Kurau Primary
Tan Chin Wee
Junior Boys 4 Duan Dao Shu
Telok Kurau Primary
Berwin Ng
Senior Boys 4 Duan Qiang Shu
Kranji Primary
Chan Yin Quan
Senior Boys 4 Duan Dao Shu
Kranji Primary
Christopher Ang
Junior Boys 3 Duan Qiang Shu
Rivervale Primary
Ken Loo
Junior Boys 3 Duan Nan Quan
Yew Tee Primary
Ray Yeo
Senior Boys 4 Duan Dao Shu
Yew Tee Primary
Tay Chen Jun
Senior Boys 4 Duan Jian Shu
Yew Tee Primary
Ryan Lim
Junior Boys 5 Duan Chang Quan
Yew Tee Primary
Zhang Qian
A Girls 2nd Int. Compulsory Chang Quan
Kuen Wushu
A Girls 2nd Int. Compulsory Dao Shu
A Girls 2nd Int. Compulsory Gun Shu
Fung Jin Jie
B Boys 2nd Int. Compulsory Dao Shu
Victoria School
B Boys 2nd Int. Compulsory Chang Quan
B Boys 2nd Int. Compulsory Gun Shu
Lin Wei Xuan
C Boys 5 Duan Chang Quan
Kuen Wushu
C Boys 4 Duan Jian Shu
Lee Zhe Feng
C Boys 1st Int. Compulsory Dao Shu
Kuen Wushu
C Boys 1st Int. Compulsory Gun Shu
C Boys 1st Int. Compulsory Chang Quan
Lin Zhi Hong
A Boys 2nd Int. Compulsory Chang Quan
North View Secondary

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kuen Wushu founder TV interview (aired 2007)

Was doing some admin work yesterday afternoon in the office. A colleague was browsing thru the company video archives for research. I had my back turned to him the whole time he was messin ard with the vids until suddenly, I heard this strangely familiar voice coming from the speakers behind me. Took me 2 seconds to realize it was mine and that he has found the stash of audio/video recordings of the TV interview(s) (Yes, there is more than one.) of Moi a few years back.

So there you go. I've dugged it out and dusted off the cobwebs. After a bit of editing and re-encoding for youtube, I uploaded it during the night. First of a few, this one's aired on Channel 8 in 2007 if I remember correctly. Those of you who ever wondered if it was any fun starting your own Wushu school - it is a lot of work. Watch to find out more.

Voila! Enjoy!

PS: Those familiar with Kuen trainers will notice the actor for a younger me is none other than our very own Mr. Wang Liang! Heh... well, they couldn't find anyone who could do Wushu so they asked if I could provide my own "younger self" for filming. Funny how he looks even older than I am now when he's supposed to be me at 24.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mobile blogging

Its 3.10am and I'm in bed playing with my latest toy... I really should be sleeping and yet here I am, experimenting with the marvels of modern technology. No, I'm not doing something indecent you dirty 'lil you... I am in fact blogging on my spanking new nokia E71 underneath the warm covers of my blanket. (Whaddiya think I was
playing with? And at such an unearthly hour... I bet some of u went

When I'm done typing I'm supposed to send it out n it'll magically appear on the blog. I hope it does, otherwise I'd spent the past 5 minutes cramming my thumbs for nuthin. Did I mention the keys are really tiny? I don't think I'd be writing my Best Seller on this baby...heh. Ok, here goes...
*presses the sent button*

Afterword: It didn't "magically" appear on this blog. turns out i had to register for the service and after a fair bit of tweaking, i finally got the kinks ironed out. Voila! True mobile blogging... now to experiment with photos!
Onwards Passepartout! Our audiences await!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kuen Wushu Championships 2009

8th of March. Kuen Wushu Championships 2009 - SUCCESS!!!

I wasn't around to witness most of it but positive feedback is even now flooding in still, days after the event on Sunday.

A big thank you goes out to the organizing (Kaiting laoshi and Liu Juan laoshi), the helpers, judges, teachers, parents and most of all, the participants! We couldn't have done it without you!

Here are some photos of the day's events, courtesy of Mr. Kaw's camera.

Announcement: Appeal for photos and videos of the day's events!
If you have any photos or videos taken on the day, please share them with us. I'm sure many out there reading this blog would love to take a look. Do it for me...pretty pls? *puppy dog eyes*

Friday, March 6, 2009

Biao VS Procrastination

Everybody procrastinates. Me especially.

I've been looking at the company website recently and reading up on the past blog posts, and it suddenly dawned on me that I have never, if not seldom, ever followed up on posting photos, posting updates, following up with info, etc... I never seem to get around to posting all the interesting photos I've stored in a folder on my desktop I never open anymore.

Well today I struck back. I updated the company website!!!
(Biao 1 : Procrastination 2393 LOL)

Take THAT you devilish little procrastinating demon. (procrastinating demon writhes in agony...NOooo......Aarrghhhh)

Check out the updated management and trainers page over HERE.

If anyone has been to the company site recently, you'd have noticed that we ported over the old site to a new CMS website (thats Content Management System DUH...), courtesy of our dear Mr. Kaw. (thanks for doing such a thankless job... I.T. work sucks.) Not for aethestic reasons apparently. Yeah I know, the old site looks better but hey, now I can edit, update and change the content on every part of the site without actually having to get myself knee-deep into the source code. All I need to do now is to familiarize myself to the control panel and play with the controls for a bit...

(hears procrastinating demon laughing diabolically in the background... MUHAHAhhahahaha)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CNY updates

Yesterday was the 15th day of the CNY period, hopefully marking the end of an extremely lazy and *yawn* lethargic stretch. Every year, CNY happens to be the perfect excuse to slow down the engines and kick back to enjoy the festive atmosphere. What festive atmosphere?!? Yup... didn't feel much for it. Me wasn't a festive person to begin with but the atmosphere was exceptionally cold this year...Brr... Probably due to the actual holidays falling on a Monday and Tuesday. That makes the new year especially short doesn't it? Not much time left for visiting family and friendly meetups of cough...mahjong/blackjack/big 2. Heh.

Spent much of the CNY week helping Yanbin as part of his stunt-wire crew for Chingay. We were in the Chingay background this time, erm...actually right below the spectator stands. There was a part during the finale where the magician disappeared in flames before magically appearing at the top of the Supreme Court building. Our job was to "fly" him down from the rooftop safely. Shrug... pretty straightforward stuff. Spent more time assembling and taking down the set up than the total time taken for all rehearsals and actual day.

We had a KUEN CNY company dinner at the steamboat restaurant 碧水云居 on Sunday. It was a good chance for everyone to meet up, especially the rare appearances of some of the founding pillars of the company. The food is good, if you're reading this, bring your family down this weekend yar. (Directions to Bi Shui Yun Ju - Drive and park along Geylang Road after Lor 3 and keep a lookout for its signboard on your right).
There's all-you-can-eat buffet steamboat and also Ala-carte authentic super spicy Sze Chuan and Northern China dishes.

The gathering was supposed to double as Kengqi's send-off dinner too before he flies off on Monday for Australia. But the farnie thing is, he didn't show up! Not for the dinner OR the KTV afterwards. Now thats weird. Ah...what the heck. So long as everybody enjoyed themselves. It was a night of good food, good beer, good (and not-so-good) singing...ahem.

Fret not Kengqi-boy, I'm sure you had fun at home as well. Uh-huh... who doesn't love last minute packing? Grin.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hindi Kungfu Film - Chandni Chowk To China

Watched my first Hindi film of 2009 last night and it was surprisingly good. If you've ever wondered what a successful fusion of classic Chinese Kungfu flick + Hindi Bollywood song and dance would look like, this is it.

The martial arts scenes were adequately done with Kungfu Hustle-type CGI. Don't go in expecting Ip Man-ish fight sequences of course. Instead, be delighted by a familiar, albeit cliche comedy of a loser-turned hero, who's help is enlisted to fight off the baddie, save the village and win the girl of his dreams. You'd be smiling at the familiar comedic kungfu training scenes where the protagonist endures some tough-love training in a bamboo forest setting, dished out by the Master as he undergoes his zero-to-hero transformation.

Loved the song and dance bollywood-style sequences. Yes its silly to most of us not used to such films but the mesmerizing female lead makes it quite fun and lovely to watch. The director must be a Chinese movie buff, you will be able to spot the clever references to popular Chinese movies like Curse of the Golden Flower, the Banquet, Kungfu Hustle, etc.

Watch the trailer and see fer urselves!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Post. New Year. New Beginnings.

1st post of 2009.

New year's resolution for the KUEN Blog:
- Sleep less. Write more.

If your paymaster's MOE, it should read:
"Teach less. Mark lesser". Yeah right, dream on.

Since we're on the topic of teachers, what the heck. Some suggestions for your new year's resolution. (feel free to contribute in whatever crazy way. Nobody follows thru with new yr's resolutions anyway. blah.)

Resolutions for 2009
- "Release the rocker punk dude/chick within and join a Rock Band!"
Action plan: Put on your best Goth makeup and start practicing your Guitar Hero.

- "Go take that lap/belly/exotic dance course you always wanted but never had time for."
Action plan: Call up dance schools. Enrol. Start lessons. Video yourself. Upload to youtube and send me link. Promise I'll give positive feedback. But if you're a guy, stay away. Serious.

- "Get your face on Hardwarezone/Digital Life during I.T. Show."
Action plan:
Put on a silly french maid costume or Gundam Suit and join a Cosplay club

- "Get your erm...assets on The New Paper/Stomp."
Action plan: Put on a tiny bikini and take photos to put on your blog but be smart - mosaic the face.

- "Take control of your life. Give it a new direction."
Action plan: Quit sucky job. Get another. Start painting/singing/dancing/wushu-ing. Busker @ Orchard Road.
Sell fries at Mc's. Mop up kiddy puke from floor. Rejoin MOE workforce. Give a sigh of relief. Repeat to self - "I love my deadend job."

- "Pick up a ridiculously difficult sport thats bad for your aching joints."
Action plan: *Hint* W.U.S.H.U.
Who cares if your students are better at Xuan Feng Jiao. You can give them more homework. REVENGE! Muhahaha...

For your kind consideration, I bid you Adieu...