Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011.


Its the 3rd day of the new year, here's a look back at 2010.

- Feb 2010
"The Champion" Wushu performance at Victoria Theatre. A sold-out show, featuring Wushu stars such as Liu Qinghua and Wu Di from Beijing Wushu Team and some of our top-tiered China Wushu Trainers from Kuen Wushu.

- Mar 2010
We said goodbye to our home for 2 years at Upper Boon Keng (Shines) and relocated to Dunearn Road (CNIS). The turn out for the subsequent open house at the new school location was exceptionally good and most everyone agrees that the new hall is excellent for Wushu training.

- May - Aug 2010
Started the first video uploads of training clips and new authors on the Blog by Kuen Wushu Trainers. Parents can get to know a little more about Zhipeng laoshi and Wang Zhen laoshi.
Mid-year Wushu Assessment for Kuen Wushu students.

- Sep 2010
Mid-Autumn Festival at CNIS. Did an in-house performance to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Turn out as usual was more than expected. Good experience for some first-timers on stage.

- Oct - Dec 2010
More video uploads by the trainers. Conducted a very fun Chinese Cultural Programme with Eduplus for the students Holy Innocents High. Ridiculous fun with costumes and exciting live martial arts fighting by the Kuen trainers.
Participated in the trade show at Expo.
More collaboration with Eduplus for holiday programmes.
Year-end Wushu Assessment for Kuen Wushu students.
Beijing Shichahai Training trip under Chief Trainer Di.

That about covers it, aside from some other events I can't really recall right now.

Wishing everyone a great new year in 2011!

- Chin W.P.
Founder & GM, Kuen Wushu