Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog drought

No. of days without updates: 21

Reason: Haven't got a chance to sit in front of the PC for the past 3 weeks.

Ok, here goes a quick update on the past weeks:

- Holiday training camps for the giinaz over and done with.

- Kungfu Panda performance for Nokia club movie treat last week - Loved the game with the big balloons and the movie was hilarious. So funny!!!


- Incredible Hulk was incredibly good. Enjoyed it tremendously.

- Took training slots last week while Wangliang Jiaolian was busy with the rehearsals for "U R the One" finals. I don't usually do that. Think I'll have to do it more often. Ok ok, if you guys insist! Sheesh... Irresistable Charm is my personal little cross to bear. Sigh.

- Tried to kick a little after nursing my torn hamstring for a while to discover its far from recovered. Dang. Watched the guys rehearse for tomorrow's performance at Sentosa, not sure what event. Will post photos if have.

- Been in discussion with Chief Trainer Di regarding new classes and development at KUEN. Gonna start a performance team training on one of the week days to learn all kinds of cool set-sparring routines and group items. I think its a great idea. It'll cut rehearsal time in half when we prepare for performances next time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Train. Pain. Complain

Been trying to get back to training these couple of weeks. Did a session last Tuesday and ached till Tried to work out again lightly during yesterday's lesson. Bad idea... ended up tearing a muscle and limped my way home.


Yeah yeah yeah... I know i know... always warm up properly, stretch out properly...yadda yadda yadda... Am glad it was the hamstring and not the knee joint, thank goodness it wasn't the knee joint. I'm sure we've all heard horror stories of Wushu athletes busting their knees during practice. Brrr.....*shivers* Kids... take care now. Bag ah, you too ah. Wasted to just get the Wai Bai Lian finally and then have to sit out because of some silly injury.

Oh yah before i forget - Kudos to Weiheng for his Cekong and Weixuan for his Zhuanti over the last 2 weeks. Yeaaaah!!! What do I keep telling you guys? Its not at all difficult when you have a good trainer, good protective equipment and good training techniques. Back in our days, we used to train...blah blah blah

So step right up! Who's next? Come come dun shy... just grab me, shake me and tell me how bad you want it the next time you see me around and I promise I'll stay around long enough to help. :) I'm such a nice guy... :)