Monday, August 31, 2009

August updates

Gonna do a quick update for August...hmm... Darn... goldfish memory...

- Did a couple of school performances to promote Wushu at Eastview & Yishun Town.

- Started a new school CCA at Yishun JC.
- Gonna start a couple of new programmes here and there... will update once confirmed.
- Re-organized and re-decorated office. Added new work desks and new photos to wall.
- Conducted the annual ACES day mass workout for Greenwood
- Printed new Chinese flyers. Very nice design!
- Completed another self-defence programme for Cedar Girls. Very well-received by the girls and teachers. Quote: “Useful and essential…”

Hope they’ll never need to use it. But if they do… I hope they remember what was taught that day and get away safely. Every teenage girl should know how to do this. HODs and Ps, if you’re reading this, get this for your girls OK… no kidding. Heh…

"Hee hee... that tickles..."

This arm goes here... Your arm goes there...

"Ok, you've got "him" in your choke hold. Now SQUEEZE!"