Monday, November 26, 2007

Wushu Performance! Y Proms@CLAP!

The performance on Saturday night at Chinatown Kreta Ayer Square was an absolute HIT with the crowd!

Great job to all who participated! A BIG THANK YOU! goes to Kaiting laoshi and Zhipeng laoshi in charge of choreographing and preparation for this event. The meticulous effort put into planning and preparation is evident, clearly seen and translated extremely well onstage into 10 minutes of pure entertainment for the spectators young and old.

Gotta thank the parents of the young performers for their support in sending the children down for practices and rehearsals. I'm sure they must be proud to see the end result. I know I am. :)

Photos photos...

Uh-oh... when will I clear this backlog of photos to post online.

Do wait patiently, I'll get to it soon.... I hope. :p

Friday, November 23, 2007

KUEN Wushu Holiday Training Camp Nov 2007

Its over.

5 days of hell-on-earth for the trainers...

Children... so many noisy children... Arghhh!

But it wasn't nearly as bad for me as it was for the rest of the trainers... This time I unofficially volunteered myself to be in-charge of entertainment and games, and carefully side-stepped all the heavy responsibilities of being a trainer-in-charge.

I think the kids enjoyed themselves. *pats self on back* Especially on the last night's BBQ where they had free-flow marshmallows. MmmmMmmm.........

This year's group was slightly bigger, with participants from Kranji Pri, Yew Tee Pri, Zhonghua Pri, Yew Tee CC, Jurong Spring CC, KUEN Kids, etc...

I saw some definite potentials in the young ones and some made astonishing improvements over the week. You can almost see them get better with each training session.

Great job KUEN trainers! Cheers to Kaiting laoshi, Wang Liang Laoshi, Zhipeng Laoshi, Zhicheng Laoshi and the rest of the trainers!

I'll definitely post photos of the camp as soon as I get my hands on them.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SSC SEP Showcase at Orchid Country Club


SSC SEP Sports Showcase for year 2008 Sports Education Programmes. This year they decided to hold it at Orchid Country Club. Did a recce this morning of the grounds at OCC, not very impressed. :( No demo areas, lots of restrictions, low ceiling height = No high high banners liao...sigh

Anyway, the trainers spent the whole of today preparing for their turn tomorrow to put up our own Pasam Malam...heh. Well, at least they should be more experienced this time round, since we've been doing SEP programmes since its pilot phase in year 2006.

Some interesting figures we amassed for this round of marketing.

Did you know?
- the combined total no. of students taught by KUEN trainers in the year 2007 is a whopping 8759 !!!
- that's an average of 1459.83333 students taught by each KUEN trainer a year!
- we have brought our KUEN Wushu programmes to more than 25 schools since year 2006
- there are currently more than 800 photographs (of student programmes) in our photo archive.
- we spent an average of 4.5 hrs a week on weekly debriefs and training meetings