Sunday, October 25, 2009

September October updates

Hey all.

Its been a long stretch of silence on this blog. Yawn... Haven't been able to think of anything worth blogging so I'm gonna start typing in random and see if we get anywhere. Lets see... Hmm... updates:

- The usual school stuff. Lessons and programmes.
Can't remember anything worth blogging in September. Booooriiing...

- Coach Wang Liang got married earlier this month. Congratulations! I think someone's got photos of the wedding dinner. Again...will try to upload with his permission.
- Rehearsals under way at Kuen for APEC performance. Lotsa activity last Sat, Lion/Dragon Dance/Wushu rehearsing, all under the Dean's charge. Think Obama's gonna be there... Woah...
- Zhipeng laoshi and Di Jiaolian back from their leave. Chief Trainer Di came back with news of another Kuen Wushu performance early next year. Venue and dates not confirmed yet.
- Been scouting around for alternative training sites. Might be shifting come year end when lease over.
- Me going reservist this week. Am already dreading the 2.4k run... *puke*