Friday, July 31, 2009

July Updates

Phew...made the last day of July to log in an entry.

Sorrie ah... been slow to update the blog. Maybe will switch to micro-blogging soon so won't have as much pressure writing stuff that's on my mind.

A couple of notable happenings in July... hmm... lemme think.

- School started. Yeah.
- H1N1 notice of temporary suspension of Wushu programmes in schools. Boohoo.
- Then stuff started returning to "normal". Wushu programmes back on.
- Organized a Parent-Trainer meeting for Kuen Intermediate Classes. It was "Useful & Informative", quoted from parent.
- Planning 2nd "PTM" for Kuen Beginner classes. Coming soon...
- Chief Trainer Di. promoted a few students to Kuen Advanced class. Congrats!
- Started NEW Young Adults class on Thursday nights. Kudos to Zhipeng Laoshi! (Jiayou NUS guys/gals! Train hard, but don't forget to have fun!)
- A couple of Birthday shoutouts to the Dean, Mr. Picasso Tan, Liu Juan Laoshi, and Chief Trainer Di.
- Just came back from a "Fishing and Pulau Hantu Expedition" on Wednesday with all the Kuen Trainers & Staff on board. SUPER FUN!