Friday, November 27, 2009

New server. YMCA camp in Dec.

Server migration completed this morning. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Kaw, our behind-the-scenes webmaster. 
The website loads *much* faster now, should have done it a long time ago. Now all thats left is a site design revamp... Time to put all those nice nice photos to good use.

Will do an announcement since I'm here.

No lessons from 10 - 13 Dec. 

Training hall is used to host the annual SHINES YMCA camp. Lessons will be postponed to next week.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Website downtime alert

Hey all.
Doing some maintenance work at the Kuen Wushu website so it'll be down for a while. 
Changing web hosting, should only take a day or two.
Emails will be down too so if you wanna reach someone, call the office phone number
6296 8979.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

APEC 2009 @ Esplanade

APEC 2009 Singapore has drawn to a close and Kuen Wushu is proud to have played a part (albeit a small teensy bitsy one) in its success. (There... I've gotten the self-plug in...LOL) We were the only Wushu school to take part in the "Singapore Evening" show, specially put together by our nation's bests (Dick Lee helming as Director, lotsa stars and big names in the music and entertainment industry), for all the delegates and world economic leaders from ard the globe. Its not every day, or every year for that matter, that you get to play host and show off to half the world's richest and most powerful men and women.

The "Singapore Evening" song-and-dance item was a success as expected but it almost didn't as one of our trainers had a rather bad case of food-poisoning and messed up the 2nd segment during the final rehearsal on Friday night. In the end everybody pulled through and executed their parts with nary a glitch. Kudos to CJ, YP, WF, LJ & GZF!

Lotsa activities going on everywhere. With the entire Esplanade venue in lockdown and streets ard Marina Square blocked for the better part of the day, to say that security was good would be an understatement. As the Dean puts it delicately while he hands me the security badge for the day. "Even flies need badges to go through...".

Spent most of yesterday at The Esplanade waiting for the show to start in the evening. After setting off from Kuen Wushu ard 1.30pm, we made our way to Marina Square (A big thank-you to the parents for the ride!). Took us nearly an hour to make it thru the security scanners set up at the floating platform. They really did a thorough job making us queue up to go through those airport metal detector gates and putting our bags through the X-ray machines.

Went through a couple of rehearsals in which the Kuen Kids from our intermediate classes were involved before we proceeded to the rest area for rest and food. The kids had a ball of a time, chit-chatting non-stop for most of the day in-between practices for their items. I supposed it was a fun thing to do and a good experience to be part of some grand event. I certainly remember my own experiences of taking part in competitions, of Wushu camps and performances and certainly the Chingay Parade. Dear parents, thanks again for your consent and support for the trainers. Your children are in good hands. :) 

Here are some rather badly taken photos I took with my handphone. Heh.