Saturday, December 13, 2008

End of camp, end of year.

*Update: Camp photos

Good friends!

Crazy pose everyone!

"I miss my bolster...sniff sniff."

Homeward bound at last.

Just sent off the kids from this batch of December training camp. Had a really fun session of "blind cat" just before they left. If you've never played blind cat in a tiny room full of office furniture and 15 ppl, you've never played that game I tell ya. Imagine the children climbing on top of cabinets, hiding under tables, behind poster frames, clambering on top of each other, trying to sneak their way past the "blind cat" when cornered. LOL.

The trainers were too focused on training to take photos. I ended up with a couple of candid shots taken on the last day. Will post them up when I get them out of the camera.

Usually the December camp and Central Grading will signal the end of the year, but this year, we've postponed the Central Grading till early next year, just slightly before the Graduation Performance that everyone at KUEN Wushu will be involved in. Next week is the company staff retreat and this year all the trainers are going on an all-expense paid trip to....... LAS VEGAS! ahem... cough...swallow...cough again. I meant to say Las Vegas of Malaysia - Genting Highlands lah.


Oh well, stop complaining. Technically, its still an "overseas trip" ya know. And we'll even be flying instead of the 6 hour coach ride, albeit on budget flights but its a plane nonetheless.

*indignant* Hmmppffft!

Promise I'll take pictures. *fingers crossed* Heh.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Photos from Beijing

Here are some photos of our Kuen students and trainers in Beijing, shichahai. Heard its really cold over there now... but where's the snow?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Extreme Makeover - Liu Juan laoshi

We did a show last night at the new Bellini Grande at Clarke Quay. It was the launch of the Singapore Service Star - an accreditation scheme by the Singapore Tourism Board. Liu Juan laoshi had to fly into the stage and perform a few mid-air poses, with the help of stunt wires of course (courtesy of our Stunt Master - Yanbin)



In the locker room with Yanbin, stunt master for the wire flying sequences.

Wait a minute... She reminds me of someone in this makeup. Doesn't she look like Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd?!? She does right! Muhahaha...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Certificate Presentation at Fuhua Secondary

Went to Fuhua Secondary today for their certificate presentation ceremony. The boys completed the modular programme and was presented with certificates by Fuhua Sec's Principal.

From KUEN Wushu Official Blog

I reached just in time to watch a performance of Fuhua Sec's dance entree for next year's SYF, with some elements of Wushu injected for the boys' parts. The dance teacher and I worked in a few moves the boys picked up from the Wushu course to try to create something unique for Fuhua Sec. The teacher's hopeful it'll be enough to impress the judges. I felt the boys needed more Wushu training to polish up their techniques as they paled in comparison with the girls in the group. Other than that, I felt the choreography was good. A pity I had not whipped out the camera to film some vids of the performance.

From KUEN Wushu Official Blog

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enrichment workshop at Eduplus language camp

Went with Trainer Yanbin to Toa Payoh SAFRA this morning to conduct an enrichment workshop for the children at Eduplus Language Centre. Take a look at the photos.

Sports Council SEP Showcase 2009

SSC-SEP Showcase - 3rd year running. Special guest, the Dean came by for moral support!

Did I mention we've been with the SSC-Sports Education Programme since its pilot phase in 2006, delivering high quality Wushu programmes to schools to rave reviews and positive feedback?
*shameless plug 1*
Hmm...I did? Oh well... doesn't hurt to reiterate. LOL.
Who knows, I might get new readers every now and then and in case they have not read my past posts(GO DO IT NOW!), this would be a good chance to let them know that we are the No. 1 Sports Wushu Programme Provider! WOOHOO!!!
*shameless plug 2*

I can almost hear my competitors scream "Says who?!?"
Why me of course. : )

I think I hear my horn blowing... :p *honk honk*

Monday, November 24, 2008

Rivervale Primary Modular Certificate Presentation

Take a look at these photos of the first batch of Rivervale Primary students during their certificate presentation ceremony.

Congratulations to all students! Keep up the good work.

Guest-of-honour, Mr Picasso Tan, Dean of Kuen Wushu Academy.

Group photo of students with Kuen Trainers.

Students listening intently to the Dean's motivational speech.

After this introductory module, some of them will be moving on to Wushu Apparatus Training in Staff and Sword. I bet they can't wait!

More Rivervale News:
I was at Rivervale's 10th Anniversary Celebrations Dinner. It was a superbly well-planned event with amazing performances from the dance items. The Wushu students participated too with a short Wushu performance in the collaborative school play. I thought they did great. From the applause and the looks on the teachers and audience's faces, I think they think so too!

Credit goes to Zhipeng Laoshi and Liu Juan Laoshi for their choreography and training. Both trainers have extensive experience in choreographing for stage performances and some of their works so far have been quite impressive.

Good job trainers!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Photos and Videos of MTM-KUEN Exchange

These are the few photos from my digicam that aren't blurry or off focus. Seriously, I need more... Those who have any more photos, pls mail me or send me the link.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

KUEN - MTM Wushu Exchange 28/10 - 2/11

Kuen Wushu will be hosting our Wushu friends from Philippines' MTM Wushu from 28th Oct to 2nd Nov on a cultural exhange to Singapore, organized by our Dean, Mr Picasso Tan.

Everyone's been kept busy running helter-skelter preparing for this year-end major event. The group is expected to be around 60 pax and there are a series of fun and exiting activities and performances lined up to make it an unforgettable event.

The actual event day will be on next Sat 1st November, the time from 3pm - 6pm. Some highlights will be a Wushu item put up by our Kuen Wushu students and an exciting high-flying Lion Dance performance.

We welcome all to join in the festivities and bring along your friends!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Greenwood ACES Day "Kungfu P@nd@" Workout

Choreographed and conducted an ACES Day workout for Greenwood Primary School on 02/10/2008 to the theme of "Kungfu P@nd@". It was so fun to do and the children went absolutely ballistic, having a *Pandastic* time learning moves such as "Tiger claw", "Monkey block", "Crane chop" and "Viper strike". Their favourite was...guess what, PANDA STYLE! LOL... Of course theres no panda style in Wushu silly, but they made up their own moves anyway.
Never underestimate the power of movies...even animated ones.

You know you have a hit when 80% of the children answers an enthusiastic "YES!!!" waving their arms frantically in the air, when asked the question "Have you seen Kungfu Panda?"


Stretch those'll need them for the next move.

Viper strike! Gotta go lower guys!

Ever seen 500 Panda-wannabes?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Updates for September

Hi all,

Apologies for not updating the blog. Have been kept away from the PC.
Here's something interesting to share.

- Took over Poiching Wushu CCA officially. Been there to supervise the training. All looks good and not much different from other schools. Have discussed with the trainer and teacher in charge on restructuring so as to re-strategize for next year.

- Mid-autumn festival performance over for Rivervale Primary. Think it went rather well. :)

- Mooncake festival came and went. Lots of left over mooncake and paper lanterns hanging around. We had a little tea and mooncake session last Saturday at KUEN. Kids played games, trainers played SC in the office till 3am...Heh. "Die Zerglings! Muhahaha!!! Watch my tankies decimate your swarm!"

- Brought a few guests from Beijing out for some local delicacies sampling. (Chief Trainer Di's wife among one of the guests...shh.) There's already talk of the December training trip to Beijing Shichahai and how they're gonna bring me around. Hmm...looking forward.

- Trainer Wangliang on long leave from mid-Sep. Left for Shanghai on the 15th. Going to study and get his degree and English cert. Good fer 'im... See him back next year.

- Trainer Chen Z.P. back from Wuhan trip. Brought students on an exchange programme during the Sep holidays. Heard that the Wuhan Institute of Sports is Huge. The Wushu training grounds alone houses 16 competition carpets!!! Woah! I'd like to take a look at that!

- Another studio photoshoot for trainers this week. Vanity is a vice I tell ya. :) Watch this space for the latest pics of ur fav. trainers *wink*

- Plans for Nov/Dec holiday training and holiday programmes. Also annual year-end training trips to China. 2 destinations this time round, Xi-an and Beijing. Find out from your trainer if you're interested to tag along. Always fun to go overseas in a whole group, makes for excellent memories.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

India - S'pore Wushu Exchange 11/08 - 15/08

Kuen Wushu hosted a team of Wushu students from faraway Punjab India, Amritsar last week. The visitors cross-trained with some of our students from Kuen Wushu and managed to learn some competition routines during their one-week stay.

Here are some pictures taken during the last day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August - Olympics, NDP & National Comps

Quick update for those reading. Di Jiaolian back at Beijing from 7th to 19th August for the Olympics.

Sent him to the airport last night after class. He overloaded his baggage by 10 kilos! Lots of gifts to bring back to friends and family I suppose. I stole a peek, mostly stuffed full of instant coffee.
Yes. 3-in-1 instant coffee.
He's not the first to pack their luggage full of coffee when they go back though. According to them, we have better (stronger) tasting 3-in-1s than anything they can get in their Supermarkets. And over there, Starbucks is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE! Aren't we lucky to have quality coffee at affordable prices...Lol.

Olympics opening on Friday. NDP on Saturday. Start of the National Comps 2008 on Monday.

Will be holed up at home watching the NDP on tv as usual I suppose. Wonder if we'll have anything interesting this year.

For those in the competition, I hope you're done preparing and all reared up to go. Its good to take part in competitions in an environment like Singapore, as most people need a reason to train hard and a motive for training. Most people find the period of intense training just before competition extremely rewarding, even for the "Tag-alongs" who are not actually in the competition. Same intense regular training minus the stress that comes with competing.

As always, have fun training. Enjoy the competitions, NDP, Olympics...etc. Whatever bakes your noodles. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday Greetings - Chief Trainer Di

Instant update - photos of Chief Trainer Di and students during tonight's training session.

Happy Birthday Di Jiaolian!

It was pretty crazy last night at Partyworld Orchard KTV. Lotsa singing (good and bad), beer, liqour and breakdancing by the Man himself! Lol... I think Bag got a video in her hp, should we upload it up Youtube? Hmm... I don't know.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing much. Just a little update.

Hiya all.

Haven't been updating the KUEN Wushu blog much, nothing much to shout about. Sure things have been happening, but I thought they were a little too trivial to be posting up here so I'll just write whatever comes to mind for now.

Sunday's not good for meetings anymore cos we can't ever seem to be able to get all the Trainers together long enough. Gotta find another day when everyone's free to sit down and listen to my ramblings...heh

There've been a couple of new additions to the KUEN Trainer Team, both full-time and affiliate trainers. I really really REALLY need to update the company website with ALL the KUEN Trainer details soon. The current KUEN Trainer list is already top-notch and VERY impressive, its just that we haven't been bragging. Humility is a virtue. Lol.

Anyone taking part in the upcoming competition who needs help? I'll be coming in on Saturdays to help whip a couple of the kids into shape for the comps. If ya need help, holler.

Oh Oh! I remember - Chief Trainer Di G.W. will be on leave from 07/08/08 to 19/08/08. Back to Beijing for the Olympics I suppose. :) Take note for those trainees in his classes, no classes during this period.

Thats it for now. Gotta run.

*Does anyone actually read the updates...*eye roll* I wouldn't. Would you?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Need sleep 2

Need sleep. Again.

I should be sleeping, but here I am instead, making full use of the momentary rush of awake-ness right after a bath. (there really should be an English word for being awake dontcha agree? heh)

Slept at 5.00am. Woke at 8.00am.

One full day again today (Sat). Was at Rivervale Pri in the morning. Quite sure I'd be too seh to think/teach/or even supervise, but instead I was riding on a surge of adrenaline throughout the lesson. Even had enough left over to do a trainer de-brief and sharing session with the trainers involved. Unbelievable. Think the 3 cans of Red Blue helped.

Red Bull junkie. Heh.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Yawn. Super seh now.

Slept at 4.00am. Woke up at 8.00am for a class in Rivervale Pri.

It was the first session of the new term and I was there with Hansong Jiaolian and Wang Jiaolian (female Wang, not Wang Liang Jiaolian). I bet Hansong must be equally seh, he went home about the same time as I did.

Rushed back to KUEN Wushu for class straight after. Ended up being late for 15min. At least Wang Liang Jiaolian is there to start class and take warm up. WRONG! Wangliang also late!!! OMG! *faint*

Anyway, here I am resting in the office blogging on the company PC. Wish I could just head on home to catch up on some much needed sleep. Alas, there are lessons at KUEN all the way till 10pm. Sob sob...

Sleeping - The Wushu athlete's favourite "activity".

I need my beauty sleep.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog drought

No. of days without updates: 21

Reason: Haven't got a chance to sit in front of the PC for the past 3 weeks.

Ok, here goes a quick update on the past weeks:

- Holiday training camps for the giinaz over and done with.

- Kungfu Panda performance for Nokia club movie treat last week - Loved the game with the big balloons and the movie was hilarious. So funny!!!


- Incredible Hulk was incredibly good. Enjoyed it tremendously.

- Took training slots last week while Wangliang Jiaolian was busy with the rehearsals for "U R the One" finals. I don't usually do that. Think I'll have to do it more often. Ok ok, if you guys insist! Sheesh... Irresistable Charm is my personal little cross to bear. Sigh.

- Tried to kick a little after nursing my torn hamstring for a while to discover its far from recovered. Dang. Watched the guys rehearse for tomorrow's performance at Sentosa, not sure what event. Will post photos if have.

- Been in discussion with Chief Trainer Di regarding new classes and development at KUEN. Gonna start a performance team training on one of the week days to learn all kinds of cool set-sparring routines and group items. I think its a great idea. It'll cut rehearsal time in half when we prepare for performances next time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Train. Pain. Complain

Been trying to get back to training these couple of weeks. Did a session last Tuesday and ached till Tried to work out again lightly during yesterday's lesson. Bad idea... ended up tearing a muscle and limped my way home.


Yeah yeah yeah... I know i know... always warm up properly, stretch out properly...yadda yadda yadda... Am glad it was the hamstring and not the knee joint, thank goodness it wasn't the knee joint. I'm sure we've all heard horror stories of Wushu athletes busting their knees during practice. Brrr.....*shivers* Kids... take care now. Bag ah, you too ah. Wasted to just get the Wai Bai Lian finally and then have to sit out because of some silly injury.

Oh yah before i forget - Kudos to Weiheng for his Cekong and Weixuan for his Zhuanti over the last 2 weeks. Yeaaaah!!! What do I keep telling you guys? Its not at all difficult when you have a good trainer, good protective equipment and good training techniques. Back in our days, we used to train...blah blah blah

So step right up! Who's next? Come come dun shy... just grab me, shake me and tell me how bad you want it the next time you see me around and I promise I'll stay around long enough to help. :) I'm such a nice guy... :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

KUEN Wushu ad in I-weekly

Here's a look at the lastest KUEN Wushu full colour ad in the Chinese magazine I-Weekly. Nice? I like...

Its the same series as the previous one with Wangliang JIaolian doing his thing with that rubber leg of his. Now its Zhipeng Jiaolian's one week of fame. I've got a chance to observe their lessons. Both excellent trainers, their styles complimenting each other.

Zhipeng Jiaolian's lessons engages the mind and leans more to teaching, great for fundamentals and techniques training. (Bobian... graduate with degree in Phys Ed leh...mai siao siao)

Wangliang Jiaolian's from a Pro-team and believes in tough-love + intense jibengong. Sado-masochists out there looking to give their body a whacking would enjoy his classes.

And let's not forget my contribution, I'm the icing on the cake...heh. I'm there to make everyone nervous. (in a good way) I help tweak lesson flow and atmosphere so everyone gets an exhilarating workout at the end of the day.

Then you have the experienced Kaiting laoshi helming the kid's classes and the newly added Powerhouse Trainer - World/China Champion Di Jiaolian taking the advanced classes. Such a strong trainer team, good training facilities, great training atmosphere. What else can you guys ask for?

Comeon now, time to show your appreciation to your trainers in the shoutbox!
Show them the luuurve... *lol*

Friday, May 23, 2008

KUEN Wushu 5th Anniversary Openhouse

Date: 18th May, 2008 (Sunday)

Uploaded some photos from the openhouse.

To be honest, it was rather chaotic. Not enough time to plan but I guess it turned out pretty ok, lots of ppl turned up. Was expecting ard 30-40. I think it turned out to be more like 80. Shrug.

Took the opportunity to introduce the new Dean of Kuen Wushu and the new Chief Trainer. For those of you who weren't there on Sunday, take a look at these pictures.

Trial class for the little ones.

We're starting a new gymnastics for children at KUEN.

Thanks for the flower basket Edmund!

From left: Moi, Coach Di (Chief Trainer), Mr. Picasso Tan (Dean)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

KUEN open-house on 18th May Sunday

We'll be having an open-house enrollment drive this coming Sunday at KUEN. 18th May to be exact. Programme starts 1pm to 4pm. Check out the ads we'll be putting out in this coming week's 8-days and I-weekly magazines or click the image below to enlarge.

Bring your friends and family, need all your support! Hope to make it a crowded affair. See you!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Yi laoshi last training at KUEN

Date: 29th April

Sorry guys. Pics have been lying in my camera for awhile, just got them out and posting them here for you guys. If any of you have other photos on that day, especially the one when I was presenting Yi laoshi his Certificate of Recognition, please mail them to me hor... Thanks.

Here you go.


Spirits high as usual as the night started out.

"Aaaaah! Get away from me!"

Training starts. Wait a min, we're upside down...

Bwaaahh....Its over.... Yi laoshi giving his lesson summary for the last time.

Master Yi Yalin with the souvenir the students prepared. A photo montage to remember them by.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photos taken 20th April Sunday

I know many of you took photos on Sunday during training. Come on fess up.
Surrender them to me...Muhahaha

Anyway, here are some from Evelyn's camera phone that got forwarded. Will get more from Sijin and upload here for all. :)

This little pinkie went to market.... This little pinkie went...

"...and that... is the brand of my shoe." says y.x. to Yi laoshi.

Damn roaches... but Yi laoshi caught a big one.

"Thats it... Try to feel the wall fan with your toes..."

Yi Laoshi and Evelyn. Pics taken on her trusty camera phone.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Change. The only thing constant...

Upcoming changes at KUEN:

- new revamped website. its looking good. hopefully we can get the content written asap else the pretty designs will never get to see the light of day.

- new banners up at KUEN. hope they look good.

- yi laoshi's taking a 6 month long leave to help set up a Wushu school in Thailand. Betcha everyone's gonna miss him.

- a dear friend with a big name and a bigger heart agrees to come onboard to be the new Dean of KUEN Wushu Academy. YEAH!!! Who? you'll find out soon enough. *grin*

- ...and he's brought with him another huge figure in the Wushu fraternity as the new Chief Trainer for KUEN Wushu.

Its gonna be another milestone for KUEN Wushu and history in the making I promise ya.
Ooo... it gets me tingly all over. Heh.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wushu - The Movie

I couldn't contain the excitement after I saw this trailer on the net.

I've got a feeling you'd be excited too!

Finally! After all these years, a movie about Wushu. No not the Kungfu kind or the kind where swordsmen fly in the air. A real modern day story about the blood and sweat of young Wushu athletes in China, acted by real competitive Wushu athletes.

Feast your eyes guys and rejoice!

Competition updates. More congrats!

More good news from the competition.

Wang Jiaqi got a Gold for her 5-duan Quan.

Weixuan got a Silver in 4-duan Spear and Fourth in 3-duan Quan.

Zhefeng got 1 Gold in Dao and a Silver in 5-duan Quan.

Yixiang got 2 x Bronze medals in both Compulsory Dao and Quan.

Got who else huh? Lemme know if I missed out anyone or write wrong result.

Will update this post again when I get more competition updates.

Go go go! More medals!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Go for GOLD! Interschool Wushu 2008 updates

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Calista, Keith and Junhui!

Updates for Interschool Wushu Competition results for Kranji Primary as of 25th March:

Gold - Calista (3rd lvl Senior Girls Straightsword)
Silver - Keith (3rd lvl Senior Boys Straightsword)
Bronze - Junhui (3rd lvl Senior Boys Straightsword)

You've done your school proud! I'm so happy for you guys!

Hope everyone will continue to JIAYOU and do your best for the upcoming events!

Comeon Calista! Don't look so grouchy. Thats a gold trophy you're holding!

Little "botak" Keith (silver) and Junhui (bronze).

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Love and Destiny" at the Botanic Garden

Finally over! Phew...
I'm sure you'd have notice that it was pouring on Saturday. Most everyone there thought it was probably gonna get postponed. Was still drizzling by 5.45pm but the amazing thing was people starting streaming to the spectators area holding umbrellas and wearing raincoats. We were surprised at the turn out, even the Minister didn't mind sitting in the rain to watch. At that moment something stirred and I won't deny we all felt good to be part of this creative ensemble cast. It was a good show.
***Applause applause***

Quoted from email circular:

The 12th Chinese Cultural Festival started on 23 February will come to a close on 22 March with a finale performance at the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens at 6pm.

The Finale Dance Musical titled "Love and Destiny" is presented by People's Association and supported by Central Singapore CDC. The performance is based on the classic Chinese tale of the Butterfly Lovers (Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai). The musical will showcase a rich blend of classical music, modern dance, singing, beat-boxing, artistic gymnastics, costumes, and props. This performance is supported by Central Singapore CDC and Singapore Botanic
Gardens. Groups involved in the performance include PA Talents, Black Forest, beat-boxer Charles Wong, Malay Acappella Group Juz-B, Kebun Baru CC, Chua Yi Fang, Kym Rhythmic and Kuen Wushu Academy. Admission is FREE!

Please bring your family, friends and relatives to watch this specially choreographed dance musical. This is really a not-to-be-missed performance for all. Please send this emailer to people you know, of all ages and from all walks of life. See you there!

Details of the performance:
Date: 22 March 2008, Saturday
Time: 6 pm to 7.15 pm
Venue: Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens

With warm regards,

Ong Yuin Ling
Assistant Secretary, Chinese Cultural Festival 2008 Steering Committee/
Senior Manager, Brand Promotion Unit Cultural Industry Promotion Department
Chinese Newspapers Division Singapore Press Holdings

Monday, March 17, 2008

Huayi Festival Rehearsals

Been caught up with rehearsals for the upcoming performance for a Huayi Festival item this Saturday. Its a retelling of the chinese classic "Liang Zhu" (Butterfly lovers) via a fusion of different art forms.

There is a variety of dance and music styles, songs performances (local acapella grp Juz-B) and even an amazing live Beat-box segment that got all of us watching open-jawed.

KUEN Wushu performers are primarily involved in a fusion of dance and Wushu choreography segment that has the guys donning menacing looking black Victorian-like costumes. It features us Men-In-Black preventing the female lead (Zhu Yingtai, played by the lovely Yan Yan *smitten*) from escaping by wielding poles and swords and sabres. Costume looks uber-cool, much better than I expected when I first got the concept art in my mail.

I've got a video of the rehearsal that I'll put up once i get around to editing it. Meanwhile, here's a look at the costume.

Eduplus Wushu enrichment at Taonan school

This is the 2nd year we've been providing our Wushu enrichment programmes for Eduplus' Chinese language camps, and this year's venue was at Taonan School. Every year, students from different schools come together during the school holidays for a short Chinese language camp and our KUEN Wushu trainers will be tasked to involve them with a short introductory Wushu workout as part of their physical programme.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

KUEN Wushu 2008 Photo Shoot

Just had our first photo shoot of 2008 last night. I'll post some nice shots of the shoot here once I get my hands on the photos, post-processed of course.

*Edit (01/03/08): Ok here you go. I've only got time to watermark a few to put here. There are lots more, 11gig of raw photos...Gulp.

KUEN Trainers staring down the small but notoriously fierce Kaiting Laoshi.

Wa Sai! Zhipeng laoshi's flying!

Wang Liang Laoshi flaunting his flexibility... :p

The whole thing was a logistical nightmare and frankly speaking, I'm amazed we made it through without too many hiccups. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we've got all the shots we wanted. Hey, its not everyday you get to do a shoot in a professional studio right? I think the students and performers enjoyed themselves. Well, they got to doll themselves up and look pretty in
Wushu poses, - every Narcissistic Wushu person's wet dream. Heh...
Pardon the long wait if you guys are reading this, but I kinda expected it'll be delayed, from past photo shoot experiences. I think it started around 7pm and ended deep into the night. Poor me reached home around 2am and had to wake up at 6.30am to conduct an early morning programme at Gan Eng Seng Primary.

Yawn.......... Ca...n't....t.y...p...e.....neeee...d....s...l...e.e..p... ZZ.z.z.z.z...z.z..z.zzz

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

KUEN Wushu and Yew Tee Primary @ Chingay 2008

Hey everyone, the photos are out!!! Take a look at these...

All dressed up and ready. Wait... is that lipstick?!? Ahhh!!!

Opening segment - Right centre, in front of the soon-to-be tossed Yusheng.


"Haaaaiiii-Yak!!!" Look at our flying kick!

Victory!!! Celebration time!

A big Thank You to the students, parents and teachers from Yew Tee Primary school for their unwavering support. Thank you to those who specially took time off to train and perform even on such short notice. We couldn't have done it without any of you.

We had such fun. Now that its over.... depressed liao... Aww...

I know. Let's do it again in 2009!!! Yeah!