Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Certificate Presentation at Fuhua Secondary

Went to Fuhua Secondary today for their certificate presentation ceremony. The boys completed the modular programme and was presented with certificates by Fuhua Sec's Principal.

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I reached just in time to watch a performance of Fuhua Sec's dance entree for next year's SYF, with some elements of Wushu injected for the boys' parts. The dance teacher and I worked in a few moves the boys picked up from the Wushu course to try to create something unique for Fuhua Sec. The teacher's hopeful it'll be enough to impress the judges. I felt the boys needed more Wushu training to polish up their techniques as they paled in comparison with the girls in the group. Other than that, I felt the choreography was good. A pity I had not whipped out the camera to film some vids of the performance.

From KUEN Wushu Official Blog

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