Monday, January 7, 2008

First time aerials at KUEN Wushu

Last Sunday's training (06/01/2008) was an exciting one for 2 of our young ones at KUEN Wushu.
Congratulations to Annabelle and Weixuan for getting that Cekongfan!

* Original video of their Cekongfan no longer available. The video server went Kaput. : (

2008 - A brand new year awaits...

New year greetings for 2008!

Lol... I know its a little belated, it is after all the 7th of Jan, but like they say, better late than never. : )

Just a little shout out to everyone from KUEN Wushu for their support this past year. Thank you everyone for your help and thanks again to all the trainers, members and parents for making KUEN such a great place to call our own. (90-degree bow...)

Looking back at 2007, there were numerous major events and milestones for KUEN. - First off, we said goodbye to our beloved home of 3 years at Geylang Bahru and relocated to our present training facility.
- Then there was the god-send Chen Zhipeng laoshi joining the ranks of our KUEN trainers.
- Then we got busy with the schools' SEP programmes, hitting a record number of close to 9000 student participants in our KUEN Wushu programmes.
- Return to Poiching school and Fuhua and seeing familiar faces.
- Training camps and China excursion at the year end.

All in all, I say we did pretty good for one year dont'cha think?


Here's to a brand new year in 2008!