Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Photos taken 20th April Sunday

I know many of you took photos on Sunday during training. Come on fess up.
Surrender them to me...Muhahaha

Anyway, here are some from Evelyn's camera phone that got forwarded. Will get more from Sijin and upload here for all. :)

This little pinkie went to market.... This little pinkie went...

"...and that... is the brand of my shoe." says y.x. to Yi laoshi.

Damn roaches... but Yi laoshi caught a big one.

"Thats it... Try to feel the wall fan with your toes..."

Yi Laoshi and Evelyn. Pics taken on her trusty camera phone.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Change. The only thing constant...

Upcoming changes at KUEN:

- new revamped website. its looking good. hopefully we can get the content written asap else the pretty designs will never get to see the light of day.

- new banners up at KUEN. hope they look good.

- yi laoshi's taking a 6 month long leave to help set up a Wushu school in Thailand. Betcha everyone's gonna miss him.

- a dear friend with a big name and a bigger heart agrees to come onboard to be the new Dean of KUEN Wushu Academy. YEAH!!! Who? you'll find out soon enough. *grin*

- ...and he's brought with him another huge figure in the Wushu fraternity as the new Chief Trainer for KUEN Wushu.

Its gonna be another milestone for KUEN Wushu and history in the making I promise ya.
Ooo... it gets me tingly all over. Heh.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wushu - The Movie

I couldn't contain the excitement after I saw this trailer on the net.

I've got a feeling you'd be excited too!

Finally! After all these years, a movie about Wushu. No not the Kungfu kind or the kind where swordsmen fly in the air. A real modern day story about the blood and sweat of young Wushu athletes in China, acted by real competitive Wushu athletes.

Feast your eyes guys and rejoice!

Competition updates. More congrats!

More good news from the competition.

Wang Jiaqi got a Gold for her 5-duan Quan.

Weixuan got a Silver in 4-duan Spear and Fourth in 3-duan Quan.

Zhefeng got 1 Gold in Dao and a Silver in 5-duan Quan.

Yixiang got 2 x Bronze medals in both Compulsory Dao and Quan.

Got who else huh? Lemme know if I missed out anyone or write wrong result.

Will update this post again when I get more competition updates.

Go go go! More medals!