Monday, April 7, 2008

Wushu - The Movie

I couldn't contain the excitement after I saw this trailer on the net.

I've got a feeling you'd be excited too!

Finally! After all these years, a movie about Wushu. No not the Kungfu kind or the kind where swordsmen fly in the air. A real modern day story about the blood and sweat of young Wushu athletes in China, acted by real competitive Wushu athletes.

Feast your eyes guys and rejoice!


  1. very exciting ... looks great. When is it showing?

  2. Erm... actually, I think its TODAY!
    Did a search on IMDB on the release date and it seems the official release dates are 23rd Oct 08 for HK and 24th Oct for China. What a coincidence that your comment came in today!

  3. shortly in Indonesia....can't wait to watch..