Monday, April 14, 2008

Change. The only thing constant...

Upcoming changes at KUEN:

- new revamped website. its looking good. hopefully we can get the content written asap else the pretty designs will never get to see the light of day.

- new banners up at KUEN. hope they look good.

- yi laoshi's taking a 6 month long leave to help set up a Wushu school in Thailand. Betcha everyone's gonna miss him.

- a dear friend with a big name and a bigger heart agrees to come onboard to be the new Dean of KUEN Wushu Academy. YEAH!!! Who? you'll find out soon enough. *grin*

- ...and he's brought with him another huge figure in the Wushu fraternity as the new Chief Trainer for KUEN Wushu.

Its gonna be another milestone for KUEN Wushu and history in the making I promise ya.
Ooo... it gets me tingly all over. Heh.

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