Monday, January 11, 2010

武状元 The Champion

For the first time in Singapore, World-renowned Beijing Wushu Team will be bringing their Wushu Champions and World-class martial art skills to the Victoria Theatre on the 7th of February 2010, in 80 minutes of exhilarating Martial Arts performance that is “The Champion”.
“The Champion” is a fusion theatre piece of Chinese martial arts, dance and music. Set in ancient China and present-day Beijing, two martial art pugilist train relentlessly for their dreams to become a Martial Scholar(武状元)and a World Wushu Champion.
Showcasing the talented cast from Singapore’s Kuen Wushu Academy and China’s National Wushu Champions from the Beijing Wushu Team, “The Champion” is directed by Mr. Chin Woon Piaw, Founder of Kuen Wushu Academy, with Wushu choreography by World Wushu Champion, Master Di Guangwen, Chief Trainer at Kuen Wushu and former Beijing Wushu Team Captain.
Beijing Wushu Team is China’s top professional Wushu team, having produced numerous China National Champions and action movie stars such as Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing. The Beijing Wushu Team has showcased its top-notched Wushu skills through its Beijing Wushu Team Tour around the world, coming for the first time to Singapore in February 2010.

Cast – Beijing Wushu Team
       Liu Qing Hua – Multi-time All-China Games, World Wushu, Asian Games Champion
       Li Xin Yu – 2008 China National Champion in Taiji-sword
       Wu Di – 2009 World Wushu Champion in Spear-play
       Wang Xi – 2008 China National Runner-up Longfist
       Guo Jing – 2009 China Traditional Wushu Baguazhang Champion
       Luo Hong – 2009 China Traditional Wushu Fanziquan Runner-up
       Li Yan – 2008 China Youth National Longfist Champion

Cast – (Singapore) Kuen Wushu Academy
       Liu Juan – 1996 China National Youth Championship Overall Champion
       Zhou Jing Jing – 2001/2002 Two-time China National Intervarsity Overall Champion
       Chen Zhi Peng – 1998 China National Youth Championship 3rd place in Sword-play
       Wang Liang – 2007 Singapore National Ditang Quan Champion
       Chen Keng Qi – 2002 Singapore National Tanglang Quan (Mantis) Champion
       He Chang Jiang – 1999 China National Intervarsity Champion in Sword-play
       Wang Zhen – 2002 Hebei Handan City Wushu Competition 3rd placing Overall

Tickets available through SISTIC website
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