Friday, March 20, 2009

Mobile blogging

Its 3.10am and I'm in bed playing with my latest toy... I really should be sleeping and yet here I am, experimenting with the marvels of modern technology. No, I'm not doing something indecent you dirty 'lil you... I am in fact blogging on my spanking new nokia E71 underneath the warm covers of my blanket. (Whaddiya think I was
playing with? And at such an unearthly hour... I bet some of u went

When I'm done typing I'm supposed to send it out n it'll magically appear on the blog. I hope it does, otherwise I'd spent the past 5 minutes cramming my thumbs for nuthin. Did I mention the keys are really tiny? I don't think I'd be writing my Best Seller on this baby...heh. Ok, here goes...
*presses the sent button*

Afterword: It didn't "magically" appear on this blog. turns out i had to register for the service and after a fair bit of tweaking, i finally got the kinks ironed out. Voila! True mobile blogging... now to experiment with photos!
Onwards Passepartout! Our audiences await!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kuen Wushu Championships 2009

8th of March. Kuen Wushu Championships 2009 - SUCCESS!!!

I wasn't around to witness most of it but positive feedback is even now flooding in still, days after the event on Sunday.

A big thank you goes out to the organizing (Kaiting laoshi and Liu Juan laoshi), the helpers, judges, teachers, parents and most of all, the participants! We couldn't have done it without you!

Here are some photos of the day's events, courtesy of Mr. Kaw's camera.

Announcement: Appeal for photos and videos of the day's events!
If you have any photos or videos taken on the day, please share them with us. I'm sure many out there reading this blog would love to take a look. Do it for me...pretty pls? *puppy dog eyes*

Friday, March 6, 2009

Biao VS Procrastination

Everybody procrastinates. Me especially.

I've been looking at the company website recently and reading up on the past blog posts, and it suddenly dawned on me that I have never, if not seldom, ever followed up on posting photos, posting updates, following up with info, etc... I never seem to get around to posting all the interesting photos I've stored in a folder on my desktop I never open anymore.

Well today I struck back. I updated the company website!!!
(Biao 1 : Procrastination 2393 LOL)

Take THAT you devilish little procrastinating demon. (procrastinating demon writhes in agony...NOooo......Aarrghhhh)

Check out the updated management and trainers page over HERE.

If anyone has been to the company site recently, you'd have noticed that we ported over the old site to a new CMS website (thats Content Management System DUH...), courtesy of our dear Mr. Kaw. (thanks for doing such a thankless job... I.T. work sucks.) Not for aethestic reasons apparently. Yeah I know, the old site looks better but hey, now I can edit, update and change the content on every part of the site without actually having to get myself knee-deep into the source code. All I need to do now is to familiarize myself to the control panel and play with the controls for a bit...

(hears procrastinating demon laughing diabolically in the background... MUHAHAhhahahaha)