Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Updates for September

Hi all,

Apologies for not updating the blog. Have been kept away from the PC.
Here's something interesting to share.

- Took over Poiching Wushu CCA officially. Been there to supervise the training. All looks good and not much different from other schools. Have discussed with the trainer and teacher in charge on restructuring so as to re-strategize for next year.

- Mid-autumn festival performance over for Rivervale Primary. Think it went rather well. :)

- Mooncake festival came and went. Lots of left over mooncake and paper lanterns hanging around. We had a little tea and mooncake session last Saturday at KUEN. Kids played games, trainers played SC in the office till 3am...Heh. "Die Zerglings! Muhahaha!!! Watch my tankies decimate your swarm!"

- Brought a few guests from Beijing out for some local delicacies sampling. (Chief Trainer Di's wife among one of the guests...shh.) There's already talk of the December training trip to Beijing Shichahai and how they're gonna bring me around. Hmm...looking forward.

- Trainer Wangliang on long leave from mid-Sep. Left for Shanghai on the 15th. Going to study and get his degree and English cert. Good fer 'im... See him back next year.

- Trainer Chen Z.P. back from Wuhan trip. Brought students on an exchange programme during the Sep holidays. Heard that the Wuhan Institute of Sports is Huge. The Wushu training grounds alone houses 16 competition carpets!!! Woah! I'd like to take a look at that!

- Another studio photoshoot for trainers this week. Vanity is a vice I tell ya. :) Watch this space for the latest pics of ur fav. trainers *wink*

- Plans for Nov/Dec holiday training and holiday programmes. Also annual year-end training trips to China. 2 destinations this time round, Xi-an and Beijing. Find out from your trainer if you're interested to tag along. Always fun to go overseas in a whole group, makes for excellent memories.