Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CNY updates

Yesterday was the 15th day of the CNY period, hopefully marking the end of an extremely lazy and *yawn* lethargic stretch. Every year, CNY happens to be the perfect excuse to slow down the engines and kick back to enjoy the festive atmosphere. What festive atmosphere?!? Yup... didn't feel much for it. Me wasn't a festive person to begin with but the atmosphere was exceptionally cold this year...Brr... Probably due to the actual holidays falling on a Monday and Tuesday. That makes the new year especially short doesn't it? Not much time left for visiting family and friendly meetups of cough...mahjong/blackjack/big 2. Heh.

Spent much of the CNY week helping Yanbin as part of his stunt-wire crew for Chingay. We were in the Chingay background this time, erm...actually right below the spectator stands. There was a part during the finale where the magician disappeared in flames before magically appearing at the top of the Supreme Court building. Our job was to "fly" him down from the rooftop safely. Shrug... pretty straightforward stuff. Spent more time assembling and taking down the set up than the total time taken for all rehearsals and actual day.

We had a KUEN CNY company dinner at the steamboat restaurant 碧水云居 on Sunday. It was a good chance for everyone to meet up, especially the rare appearances of some of the founding pillars of the company. The food is good, if you're reading this, bring your family down this weekend yar. (Directions to Bi Shui Yun Ju - Drive and park along Geylang Road after Lor 3 and keep a lookout for its signboard on your right).
There's all-you-can-eat buffet steamboat and also Ala-carte authentic super spicy Sze Chuan and Northern China dishes.

The gathering was supposed to double as Kengqi's send-off dinner too before he flies off on Monday for Australia. But the farnie thing is, he didn't show up! Not for the dinner OR the KTV afterwards. Now thats weird. Ah...what the heck. So long as everybody enjoyed themselves. It was a night of good food, good beer, good (and not-so-good) singing...ahem.

Fret not Kengqi-boy, I'm sure you had fun at home as well. Uh-huh... who doesn't love last minute packing? Grin.