Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jon Foo

Man, has it been 2 years already?

I knew Jon from a couple of years ago. He was trainin for a bit at KUEN and we even did a performance together at the gala premiere for Kungfu Hustle. He dropped by KUEN Wushu for training last night and we went out for drinks.
(If you're going Jon who??? Go youtube and type in Jon Foo to see a couple of his works)

He travels to different countries doing stuntwork for movies, but I can't call him a 'stuntman', thats just plain wrong. He's an actor! (laugh... he does look alot like Frodo doesn't he, a better looking one of course)

Oh yeah... He also taught me 'Kick the Moon' in like one day. Cool yeah?

We went for drinks with Francis at St James. Turns out that they met each other 2 years ago on Orchard Road while Francis was performing and Jon went up to Francis to ask about his ultra cool dance moves. We were en route to St James and as if he had a sudden epiphany or something he turned around and went "I think I've seen you before...." What are the chances of
that happening huh...

Anyway, I think we were drunk before we even got there cos we kept breaking out into that annoyingly funny Gatsby song from the ad.

"Iiiiii....can give you GATSsssBiee.... GA-ATSsssBieeee....GATSsssBYiiieeee...."

He's flying back to Thailand today, but he says he'll be back next month.

Call when you're back ok.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Money earned. Money spent.

Sunday whizzed past just like that. Hectic even for a Sunday.. Damn...

KT brought the kids to Marina Sq for the SSC event thingy, turned out it wasn't too appreciated as the morning crowd at MS was pathetic. Am glad they had a really fun movie session after that tho...(courtesy of KT laoshi)

Brainstormed with ZP re. his performance at SGS, talked abt some DIY costume designs and the materials he'd need to get on Mon. Then its off to Suntec for a quick lunch. Went to take a look at the GSS deals at Carrefour. Deliberated over LCD monitors and got distracted by the ACER notebook deals. Finally settled on this for $339/=

Good deal hor?
Gonna hang this 20" Acer LCD at the window area of the KUEN office for ads and notices.

One down, many to go. Wishlist for KUEN:
- LCD monitor for window display (< $400)
- DV camera (< $800)
- Digital still camera (< $1000)
- Notebook (< $1500)
- Mirrors ( < $2000)
- Huge posters of Wushu poses for marketing (< $3000)
Gulp... thats a lot of money we don't have... :( *chuckle*

At the end of the day, everyone went home happy (I hope)cos they got a big fat angbao from KT, mostly reimbursements for performances and helping out during the training camp.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Operational Hiccups - Hold your breath.

Yanbin came by KUEN Wushu yesterday to visit. (He's an actor cum stunt master at Mediacorp) Just back from filming the latest Jack Neo movie (starring Fann Wong!) in KL for the past 3 weeks. We got to chat a little regarding the new setup and he provided me with new insights. (thanks partner :p)

Told him about my problem of the hall being constantly in use by other ppl. (mostly SHINES Outdoors la..). He told me to make a stand and say No.

We gotta pay to use their facilities (during camp), they should be paying us everytime they use our training hall right? Why else are we paying rent for? The tiny miserable office space?

And Sunday mornings are nightmarish... The church ppl got our hall and the morning parents are unhappy that they have been relegated to the classrooms. Well, initially I thought training in the classrooms wasn't such a bad idea, with the aircon and all... I don't think so anymore.

Anyway, on a lighter note, me and Yanbin did talk about starting a new programme at KUEN. A course targetted at young adults (read 17 and above) that is part Wushu and part action-star training. Participants will get to experience "flying" and wire-stunts, perform action fight scenes, learn stunts and acrobatics that will prepare them if they ever wish to embark on their ways to Movie Stardom....

Cool idea yeah? Tell me what you think.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I hate accounts.

Spent the day at KUEN Wushu clearing backlog of paperwork and admin stuff.

Its official. I hate doing accounts.

Blah... spent very nearly the whole day trying hard to remember purchases and to balance the numbers. Issueing cheques and writing payment vouchers. Trying to remember who to invoice for what service.

This is the part I like least of running KUEN.

Calista's dad (a really nice guy :) ) mentioned jokingly that we're not making money coz I'm really bad at accounts. Heh... I wonder how true is that. Hmm... with all the services rendered that we forgot to invoice ppl, I'm starting to think he might have a point.


Quick update on whats coming:
- Later, Friday 22/06/07. Tien Hsia Language School children coming again for Wushu workshop.
- Sunday, 24/06/07. Young Parents Fiesta at Marina Square. We're doing a roadshow cum Wushu promotion at Marina Square Centre Stage. 11am - 1pm
- Monday, 25/06/2007. School reopens! (I can almost hear the students go "Yeah!")

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sentosa Silosa beach performance

Did a group Wushu performance last night at Sentosa Siloso beach.

Almost forgotten how fun performances can be. During the performance that is.

After you bask in the applause and euphoria of being in the limelight for the 10 min or so on stage, you retire to the changing room to change out of your Wushu costume drenched in sweat. You'll slowly feel your legs getting heavier and soreness in parts of your muscles you didn't realise when your body's pumped up with adrenaline just 10 min ago.

The morning after.

I haven't trained for quite awhile and I'm starting to feel the after-effects. Hope I didn't pull any muscles.

I really gotta start working out again. Once I've got everything at the new place more or less settled.

Back to doing paperwork. *sulk*

Monday, June 18, 2007

Central Assessment @ KUEN Wushu

Long day. Started at 9am. Ended at 11pm. Yawn...

Took a team of 4 KUEN trainers and 3 Admin staff to successfully conduct the centralized assessment.

Participants took turns to do their static station tests, routine test and their theory test (oral and written). Some were a nervous wreck while others were nearly yawning when it got to their turns. It shows when you're prepared and it definitely shows when you aren't. Lol...

I would like to state again that the twice a year (mid-year & year-end) centralized assessment at KUEN Wushu Academy is a non-compulsory, opt-in test. The decision to take the test rests completely on the trainee (or parents). Right down to the choice of routine and number of tests to take, and prepare adequately for. I'm advocating self-empowerment to anyone who wants it, and for those who are prone to be lost, there's the standard template of progression for you to follow and KUEN trainers to hold your hand throughout. (aww... so cute)

But if you're comfortable at your current level, sure keep things that way. We understand the progression isn't for everyone, and that there will be people who is doing Wushu for interest, for fun, for friends, for fun, coz their parents enrolled them, and oh... for fun.

This is quite unlike any of the grading tests in Singapore for other martial arts or Wushu associations/Wu-Guans/Clans/Clubs you will find out there.

I run a school. I would like to keep it as school-like as possible. That means devising a proper system of teaching -> documenting signs of learning -> reviews and revision to ensure improvement.

This applies to everyone, trainers and trainees alike. (Trainers gotta learn too. I wouldn't want anybody to stagnate. Gets boring... yawn.)

Wow... I sound cheem. Oooo....

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Box for my shouts!

Got my very own shoutbox for the Kuen Wushu blog, after listening to yuxiang.

Meddled with it for awhile last night. Then I dozed off in front of the monitor...

Try not to do that. It leaves rows of little squares on your face. Drool makes the keys sticky too... heh. Then all sorts of grime and dirt starts accumulating... Eeee...

Yeah... now I'll know if the blog is as lifeless as it looks from here.

Tell your friends. tell your family. tell your enemies. I don't care. :p

Just tell someone. Anyone.

Children... Lots & lots of children....

We had our hands full today. A Wushu workshop at KUEN Wushu from a bus-load of children from Tien Hsia Language School, 127 to be exact.


They are a force to be reckoned with I can assure you. Teachers,, I applaud you for your patience and kindness towards these I mean angels.

Children can be cute. I'm not saying they can't be. In fact I quite enjoy working with kids. They have an abundance of energy that I have learned to tap on and channel it back into the class. You need this to recharge after every class to last through the day. A well conducted class with energetic and engaged students fills your energy right up to the top.

Here are some shots of those human Energizer batteries...

Children at KUEN Wushu doing their "Ha-Ha!" thing...

Somewhere over the rainbow...

See that rainbow? Taken today (15th June, 2007) around 5pm.

Photo taken from the basketball court outside KUEN Wushu facing
Shines Outdoor
adventure training facility. In case you're
wondering, the yellow containers
are bunks
for camping.

And oh, I made some new b-ball friends at the court today. Phew...
there's this guy
that can do some really neat tricks with the ball.

I'm impressed.

Its generally rather difficult to impress me with b-ball skills. I'm a
pretty good player

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Meetings... meetings... meetings

Meetings are tiresome things. They sap the energy out of you and take up loads of time. Meetings render you, and whoever's unfortunate enough to be caught in the same meeting with you, rather unproductive for that day.

I started my day with a meeting at Hwa Chong Institution regarding a Wushu programme that we're due to conduct in July.

Then I met ZP laoshi for lunch at West Mall, followed by an indulgent afternoon tea session at Coffeebean. No we're not being Tai-tai-ish. We were discussing work over a nice cup of English breakfast. Envious? Aww... don't be. You don't work till 10pm at night. :p

Got a call and had to rush back to Kuen for a short meeting with SHINES's director. Apparently, there would be an event on the Sunday two weeks from now and I will have to find a way to make the training hall look tidy and decent. Great. : (

That's followed by a meeting with the Lyreco sales manager to get quotations for some office items I am planning to get.

At 6pm, ZP laoshi and I finally started on what we originally planned to do - A complete revision of the current theory test format and setting of questions for the centralized assessment on Sunday.

Meetings are tiresome things. I'm beat.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Work days and off days

Spent most of Monday at the office shifting furniture around.

Spent the entire day at home yesterday shifting furniture and throwing out old stuff. (I moved my sitoca table to the office. At 120cm x 70cm, it took up too much space in my room, and since we're still lacking a table at the KUEN office...)

I foresee a lot of furniture shifting at work and at home for the rest of this week.

Hmm... and I thought Mondays were supposed to be off days for KUEN. *shrug*

I suppose with the new setup at SHINES, the office ppl no longer need to dutifully come in to open up and man the phone, since its an open school and the office phone will direct all unanswered calls to my hp. Well, that could be a bad thing, since we'll no longer need to keep regular office hours. Ppl could come in for work any time they want!!! GASP!

And right at the corner of the week is the KUEN mid-year central assessment on Sunday. Plenty of preparation work. Test papers to set, routine assessments standards, operational flow, manpower allocation, etc.

Speaking of which, I am actually already late for work. *gulp*

Hey! But who's to say blogging with the keyboard on lap, on my bed, in my room isn't productive work. *indignant*

Its very tough work ya know. Nods.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Phone at last... Net's gonna wait...

CHEERs: The phone's up... yeah!
BOOs: Internet's still down.

Just realised from Singtel that relocation of ADSL takes up to 3 days. Darn... and although the SHINES campus is supposed to be Wifi'ed, I can never get my notebook connected enough to go online. It kinda connected... but not. (It shows you're connected but you just can't get your browser to work. Bah...)

Did a little re-arranging of the
* T I N Y * space that is to be our office today. Due to the phone line sockets being placed somewhere else other than where I originally wanted it to be, I had to reshuffle all the furniture to accommodate the positions of the phone line (phone sockets determine where the modem & networking hardware is to be placed) but I kinda like the new placement over the old one :p . I also totally messed up KT's comfy setup (if you're a student then its Wang laoshi to you :p ), she's left with no table...for now. Muhahaha.....

Will take a picture of the place once I get all the furniture in and tidied up the place a little.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

RSYC Family Day

RSYC stands for Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. It's situated in the West Coast area, somewhere near PSA, 2 min drive from the West Coast drive-thru Macdonalds.

We've been asked to do a Wushu demo at the club's family day event this morning, to create awareness for its Wushu club.

I've been conducting a class at RSYC since the beginning of the year (every Sat 4.30pm-6.00pm). The class is rather small, 8 students with the occasional absentee/s. Really hope the recruitment drive goes well and the no. of students increases coz the timing clashes with another Wushu class held on the same day (Yew Tee CC). That would mean my hands are tied and I won't be able to visit and observe the trainers conduct their lessons at Yew Tee.

I did a mock test during the lesson at RSYC yesterday. Sigh... It got me worried for the kids. Half my class couldn't finish the test routine. They froze... Brrr.... I think being in the centre of the carpet alone and doing the routine is stressing them out. One more lesson till they go for their first assessment and things don't look too good for my class. But comeon, you can't fail the first test? Nobody fails the introductory module. Nobody. It's never been done before. Let's keep it that way shall we.

I'll post some photos of the family day event if I remember to snap some later.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Holiday Training Camp

Starting to become a staple every holiday ever since we started doing one a year and a half ago. The trainers and I work hard to do better for each camp. One of the things we decided to do after our camp reviews is to drop the generalized training coupled with enrichment components and change it into an intensive training camp. Not really suited for beginners, this time round the participants were really put through some grueling physical training that is sure to leave many sore and aching and missing their warm *beds/pc/tv/mommies/daddies.

*delete where applicable.

The trainers deserve a big pat on the back as they endured 5 torturous days of sleepless nights and early morning training sessions. Yup, in case any participants are reading, bet you didn't know that while you were sound asleep in Lalaland after a full day of Wushu training and camp activities, your trainers were still up in the middle of the night doing stuff like

- end of day reviews

- revision to training plans
- adjusting training targets
- reviewing training objectives
- planning non-training activities
- preparation for the next day
- checking in on you while you snore through the night
- having instant cup noodles

- playing Starcraft on the company PCs... *eye roll*

A big thank you to the following trainers:

王楷亭 老师
陈志鹏 老师
梁汉松 老师
陈铿锜 老师
杨宇翔 助理
王佳琪 助理
陈思瑾 助理

for conducting such a great camp.
(if I miss out anybody's name, let me know and I'll credit accordingly)

Hope the participants had as much fun as the trainers are tired... grin.
Today, they're going home...
I can almost hear their sigh of relief... trainers and participants alike.

Edit: Picture added 9th June, 3.33am.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Blog. New Place. New Milestone.

New Blog.
What can I say. Something I've been trying to get done but never did get around to it. Just like learning to write html so that I can manage the company website on my own. I'll get around to that... some day.

New Place.
If you don't already know, KUEN Wushu has relocated to its new training premise on the 31st of May, 2007. The new address is 1208, Upper Boon Keng Road, Singapore 387312 (Within SHINES INSTITUTE).The dust hasn't really started yet at the new place. Phones offline still, no net access (Argh...) and the stores are lying around everywhere. Yup, not a pretty sight, and my head's hurtin just thinking about the tasks to do.

New Milestone.
We've come a long way since we started out with an empty hall 3 years ago at Blk 70 Geylang Bahru. I know it must be hard to leave for many people, countless hours of training and fun memories, full mirrors the length of the entire carpet, parquet flooring, big office space, place of our own.
But hey, let's look on the bright side.
Now, we have FREE PARKING!
That works for me. (I believe I speak for ALL drivers @ KUEN!)

Let us work towards another great year ahead and start building many many more hours of great memories at this new place.

I'll post some photos I took while we were shifting and of the new place once I get them out of my phone.

Zzz... for now.

KUEN's 1st Post

Hello World.

That was the first sentence that popped into my head after filling in the Title "KUEN Wushu Blog's 1st Post". Those who did programming will probably know where that came from.
"Hello World" is the first line of code you will probably learn to write if you learn programming.

There. The official KUEN Wushu Blog is born.

Took me quite awhile to figure what all the fuss is about with blogging but I did it. (shame on me for sitting on it for so long...)

I think there is already a KUEN Wushu related blog that is up and running called KUEN's Playground... I apologize for being so slow but I have never been on it as I could never find it or find out how to post to it.

To anyone who is reading this, especially Shen, don't worry about it. I thank you for setting up "The Playground outside the Training ground"and to keep it up and running even though you must be terribly busy with studies and all. Please continue to keep the community strong and the blog fun and playful.

While KUEN's Playground is as its title suggests, a "playground" for students and trainers alike, this official KUEN Wushu Blog is something I set up to help promote KUEN better. Seeing how little I know about maintaining the company website, I suppose the idea of a hassle-free method of posting to the Web did appeal to me. (I'm ashamed... I really should learn to write html... soon.)

There you are. Pretty long for a first post.

This is Chin, signing off.