Saturday, December 13, 2008

End of camp, end of year.

*Update: Camp photos

Good friends!

Crazy pose everyone!

"I miss my bolster...sniff sniff."

Homeward bound at last.

Just sent off the kids from this batch of December training camp. Had a really fun session of "blind cat" just before they left. If you've never played blind cat in a tiny room full of office furniture and 15 ppl, you've never played that game I tell ya. Imagine the children climbing on top of cabinets, hiding under tables, behind poster frames, clambering on top of each other, trying to sneak their way past the "blind cat" when cornered. LOL.

The trainers were too focused on training to take photos. I ended up with a couple of candid shots taken on the last day. Will post them up when I get them out of the camera.

Usually the December camp and Central Grading will signal the end of the year, but this year, we've postponed the Central Grading till early next year, just slightly before the Graduation Performance that everyone at KUEN Wushu will be involved in. Next week is the company staff retreat and this year all the trainers are going on an all-expense paid trip to....... LAS VEGAS! ahem... cough...swallow...cough again. I meant to say Las Vegas of Malaysia - Genting Highlands lah.


Oh well, stop complaining. Technically, its still an "overseas trip" ya know. And we'll even be flying instead of the 6 hour coach ride, albeit on budget flights but its a plane nonetheless.

*indignant* Hmmppffft!

Promise I'll take pictures. *fingers crossed* Heh.

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