Friday, May 30, 2008

KUEN Wushu ad in I-weekly

Here's a look at the lastest KUEN Wushu full colour ad in the Chinese magazine I-Weekly. Nice? I like...

Its the same series as the previous one with Wangliang JIaolian doing his thing with that rubber leg of his. Now its Zhipeng Jiaolian's one week of fame. I've got a chance to observe their lessons. Both excellent trainers, their styles complimenting each other.

Zhipeng Jiaolian's lessons engages the mind and leans more to teaching, great for fundamentals and techniques training. (Bobian... graduate with degree in Phys Ed leh...mai siao siao)

Wangliang Jiaolian's from a Pro-team and believes in tough-love + intense jibengong. Sado-masochists out there looking to give their body a whacking would enjoy his classes.

And let's not forget my contribution, I'm the icing on the cake...heh. I'm there to make everyone nervous. (in a good way) I help tweak lesson flow and atmosphere so everyone gets an exhilarating workout at the end of the day.

Then you have the experienced Kaiting laoshi helming the kid's classes and the newly added Powerhouse Trainer - World/China Champion Di Jiaolian taking the advanced classes. Such a strong trainer team, good training facilities, great training atmosphere. What else can you guys ask for?

Comeon now, time to show your appreciation to your trainers in the shoutbox!
Show them the luuurve... *lol*

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