Thursday, October 23, 2008

KUEN - MTM Wushu Exchange 28/10 - 2/11

Kuen Wushu will be hosting our Wushu friends from Philippines' MTM Wushu from 28th Oct to 2nd Nov on a cultural exhange to Singapore, organized by our Dean, Mr Picasso Tan.

Everyone's been kept busy running helter-skelter preparing for this year-end major event. The group is expected to be around 60 pax and there are a series of fun and exiting activities and performances lined up to make it an unforgettable event.

The actual event day will be on next Sat 1st November, the time from 3pm - 6pm. Some highlights will be a Wushu item put up by our Kuen Wushu students and an exciting high-flying Lion Dance performance.

We welcome all to join in the festivities and bring along your friends!


  1. The KUEN - MTM Wushu Exchange was fun... I really learned a lot and everyone was kind, accomodating and friendly... Thank you for everything!!!

    - Anjanette Espiritu aka 'Ajie'

  2. It was a great experience and I hope there would be more. There's so much to learn so much to teach it seems so endless. Not only in the world of wushu but the world in general. Thank you , Kuen for sharing your culture and your passion.