Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Go for GOLD! Interschool Wushu 2008 updates

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Calista, Keith and Junhui!

Updates for Interschool Wushu Competition results for Kranji Primary as of 25th March:

Gold - Calista (3rd lvl Senior Girls Straightsword)
Silver - Keith (3rd lvl Senior Boys Straightsword)
Bronze - Junhui (3rd lvl Senior Boys Straightsword)

You've done your school proud! I'm so happy for you guys!

Hope everyone will continue to JIAYOU and do your best for the upcoming events!

Comeon Calista! Don't look so grouchy. Thats a gold trophy you're holding!

Little "botak" Keith (silver) and Junhui (bronze).

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  1. that's a very pretty trophy! so much nicer than the ones SNWF give out for past competitions... looks like ancient wine cup.