Monday, March 17, 2008

Huayi Festival Rehearsals

Been caught up with rehearsals for the upcoming performance for a Huayi Festival item this Saturday. Its a retelling of the chinese classic "Liang Zhu" (Butterfly lovers) via a fusion of different art forms.

There is a variety of dance and music styles, songs performances (local acapella grp Juz-B) and even an amazing live Beat-box segment that got all of us watching open-jawed.

KUEN Wushu performers are primarily involved in a fusion of dance and Wushu choreography segment that has the guys donning menacing looking black Victorian-like costumes. It features us Men-In-Black preventing the female lead (Zhu Yingtai, played by the lovely Yan Yan *smitten*) from escaping by wielding poles and swords and sabres. Costume looks uber-cool, much better than I expected when I first got the concept art in my mail.

I've got a video of the rehearsal that I'll put up once i get around to editing it. Meanwhile, here's a look at the costume.

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