Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sports Council SEP Showcase 2009

SSC-SEP Showcase - 3rd year running. Special guest, the Dean came by for moral support!

Did I mention we've been with the SSC-Sports Education Programme since its pilot phase in 2006, delivering high quality Wushu programmes to schools to rave reviews and positive feedback?
*shameless plug 1*
Hmm...I did? Oh well... doesn't hurt to reiterate. LOL.
Who knows, I might get new readers every now and then and in case they have not read my past posts(GO DO IT NOW!), this would be a good chance to let them know that we are the No. 1 Sports Wushu Programme Provider! WOOHOO!!!
*shameless plug 2*

I can almost hear my competitors scream "Says who?!?"
Why me of course. : )

I think I hear my horn blowing... :p *honk honk*

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