Sunday, July 13, 2008

Need sleep 2

Need sleep. Again.

I should be sleeping, but here I am instead, making full use of the momentary rush of awake-ness right after a bath. (there really should be an English word for being awake dontcha agree? heh)

Slept at 5.00am. Woke at 8.00am.

One full day again today (Sat). Was at Rivervale Pri in the morning. Quite sure I'd be too seh to think/teach/or even supervise, but instead I was riding on a surge of adrenaline throughout the lesson. Even had enough left over to do a trainer de-brief and sharing session with the trainers involved. Unbelievable. Think the 3 cans of Red Blue helped.

Red Bull junkie. Heh.

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