Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing much. Just a little update.

Hiya all.

Haven't been updating the KUEN Wushu blog much, nothing much to shout about. Sure things have been happening, but I thought they were a little too trivial to be posting up here so I'll just write whatever comes to mind for now.

Sunday's not good for meetings anymore cos we can't ever seem to be able to get all the Trainers together long enough. Gotta find another day when everyone's free to sit down and listen to my ramblings...heh

There've been a couple of new additions to the KUEN Trainer Team, both full-time and affiliate trainers. I really really REALLY need to update the company website with ALL the KUEN Trainer details soon. The current KUEN Trainer list is already top-notch and VERY impressive, its just that we haven't been bragging. Humility is a virtue. Lol.

Anyone taking part in the upcoming competition who needs help? I'll be coming in on Saturdays to help whip a couple of the kids into shape for the comps. If ya need help, holler.

Oh Oh! I remember - Chief Trainer Di G.W. will be on leave from 07/08/08 to 19/08/08. Back to Beijing for the Olympics I suppose. :) Take note for those trainees in his classes, no classes during this period.

Thats it for now. Gotta run.

*Does anyone actually read the updates...*eye roll* I wouldn't. Would you?

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