Thursday, August 7, 2008

August - Olympics, NDP & National Comps

Quick update for those reading. Di Jiaolian back at Beijing from 7th to 19th August for the Olympics.

Sent him to the airport last night after class. He overloaded his baggage by 10 kilos! Lots of gifts to bring back to friends and family I suppose. I stole a peek, mostly stuffed full of instant coffee.
Yes. 3-in-1 instant coffee.
He's not the first to pack their luggage full of coffee when they go back though. According to them, we have better (stronger) tasting 3-in-1s than anything they can get in their Supermarkets. And over there, Starbucks is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE! Aren't we lucky to have quality coffee at affordable prices...Lol.

Olympics opening on Friday. NDP on Saturday. Start of the National Comps 2008 on Monday.

Will be holed up at home watching the NDP on tv as usual I suppose. Wonder if we'll have anything interesting this year.

For those in the competition, I hope you're done preparing and all reared up to go. Its good to take part in competitions in an environment like Singapore, as most people need a reason to train hard and a motive for training. Most people find the period of intense training just before competition extremely rewarding, even for the "Tag-alongs" who are not actually in the competition. Same intense regular training minus the stress that comes with competing.

As always, have fun training. Enjoy the competitions, NDP, Olympics...etc. Whatever bakes your noodles. :)

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