Thursday, February 28, 2008

KUEN Wushu 2008 Photo Shoot

Just had our first photo shoot of 2008 last night. I'll post some nice shots of the shoot here once I get my hands on the photos, post-processed of course.

*Edit (01/03/08): Ok here you go. I've only got time to watermark a few to put here. There are lots more, 11gig of raw photos...Gulp.

KUEN Trainers staring down the small but notoriously fierce Kaiting Laoshi.

Wa Sai! Zhipeng laoshi's flying!

Wang Liang Laoshi flaunting his flexibility... :p

The whole thing was a logistical nightmare and frankly speaking, I'm amazed we made it through without too many hiccups. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we've got all the shots we wanted. Hey, its not everyday you get to do a shoot in a professional studio right? I think the students and performers enjoyed themselves. Well, they got to doll themselves up and look pretty in
Wushu poses, - every Narcissistic Wushu person's wet dream. Heh...
Pardon the long wait if you guys are reading this, but I kinda expected it'll be delayed, from past photo shoot experiences. I think it started around 7pm and ended deep into the night. Poor me reached home around 2am and had to wake up at 6.30am to conduct an early morning programme at Gan Eng Seng Primary.

Yawn.......... Ca...n't....t.y...p...e.....neeee...d....s...l...e.e..p... ZZ.z.z.z.z...z.z..z.zzz

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