Friday, June 5, 2009

Post Event Update for One Heart One Kuen

Its over! Yeah! And YES, ITS A SUCCESS!

Once again, thank you all for supporting "One Heart, One Kuen". Thanks to all the parent helpers, student performers, stage crew, planning committee and of course the executing committee, for their hard work and tireless contributions!

*Deep Bow*

Everybody at Kuen has been on semi load and operating frequency post event. After a crazy 5 weeks of planning and preparations, it is a huge relief. It was a logistical nightmare to coordinate (8 different locations to come down for rehearsals) and bluddy expensive to put together. All those weeks of planning, execution and practice culminated in a night that would not soon be forgotten. If by some huge stroke of misfortune you weren't able to get tickets or make it to the venue for the performance on the 31st May at the NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre, here are some clips I've uploaded that were screened on the day.

Trailer for "One Heart, One Kuen"

The Amphetamized Kuen Trainers Introduction

Interviews for "One Heart, One Kuen"

Here's a nice read on the VS blog (Victoria School) covering the event. There's a clip of the boys entertaining themselves doing silly things like making a "blair-witch + dawn of the dead" video clip in a huge pile of Goodie Bags. Add in some music, singing and tap-dancing, and Voila! We have another mega-hit production in the making. Lets call it ...
Dawn of the High School Zombie Musical - Death by Goodie Bag.

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