Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Heart, One Kuen

*Update: All tickets SOLD OUT! YEAH!!! Thank you everyone for your support! See you at NAFA this Sunday!

Rehearsals are underway. First full dress rehearsal this coming Sunday.
Everybody's excited, albeit a little tired from the practices.
Just saw the printed posters and tickets. Looks good. Take a look.

Ticket sales have commenced this week. School students will be able to get tickets at a subsidized rate, courtesy of NAC-Keppel Nights. (Conditions apply)
Call 6296 8979 or drop us a note via the Contact Form for more ticketing details.

*Inside joke # 1: Chinese name for the performance sounds like something from TV Charity event right? Machiam President's Star Charity or something... lol.

The whole idea of this mid-year performance was to showcase the skills of all the students from within the KUEN network, while at the same time, provide an ideal platform for our Kuen trainers to show their professionalism, be it in performance or choreography.
Thus the name - One Heart, One Kuen.

Let us all pull our hearts and minds together and put up a show everyone will remember!

A big Thank you goes out to all students, parents, trainers, friends, family...and readers, for your support in this event. One Heart, One Kuen.

(inside joke #2: One Heart, One Kuen. One World, One Dream...
ROFLMAO....Sijin made it up... Muhahaha....)

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