Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hindi Kungfu Film - Chandni Chowk To China

Watched my first Hindi film of 2009 last night and it was surprisingly good. If you've ever wondered what a successful fusion of classic Chinese Kungfu flick + Hindi Bollywood song and dance would look like, this is it.

The martial arts scenes were adequately done with Kungfu Hustle-type CGI. Don't go in expecting Ip Man-ish fight sequences of course. Instead, be delighted by a familiar, albeit cliche comedy of a loser-turned hero, who's help is enlisted to fight off the baddie, save the village and win the girl of his dreams. You'd be smiling at the familiar comedic kungfu training scenes where the protagonist endures some tough-love training in a bamboo forest setting, dished out by the Master as he undergoes his zero-to-hero transformation.

Loved the song and dance bollywood-style sequences. Yes its silly to most of us not used to such films but the mesmerizing female lead makes it quite fun and lovely to watch. The director must be a Chinese movie buff, you will be able to spot the clever references to popular Chinese movies like Curse of the Golden Flower, the Banquet, Kungfu Hustle, etc.

Watch the trailer and see fer urselves!

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