Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kuen-Eduplus Wushu Cultural Programme for Holy Innocents High

Kuen Wushu hosted a Chinese Culture Enrichment Programme together with Eduplus Language Centre. More than 240 Secondary 3 students from Holy Innocent's High took part in a live sketch of the classic Chinese period story "Jing Ke's assassination of Emperor Qin". The students were taught to perform a fan dance routine and a group Wushu routine to showcase to the "Emperor", played to hilarious effect by one of their own classmates. The climatic ending features a live choreographed fight to the finish between the heroic Jingke (played by Kuen Wushu's Zhipeng Laoshi) and the Emperor's bodyguard played by Kuen Wushu's Wang Liang Laoshi.

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